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Tournament fleet idea

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(300 of 300 pts)

Flagship: (114 pts)
Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer(56 pts)

  • Admiral Screed (26 pts)
  • Engine Techs (8 pts)
  • Assault Concussion Missiles (7 pts)
  • Demolisher (10 pts)
  • Wulff Yularen (7 pts)

Fleet Ship 1: (96 pts)


  • Victory II-Class Star Destroyer(85 pts)
  • Expanded Hangar Bay (5 pts)
  • Flight Controllers (6 pts)

Squadrons (90 of 100 pts):

  • 2x Tie Bomber Squadron (18 pts)
  • 1x Major Rhymer Tie Bomber Squadron (16 pts)
  • 2x Tie Advanced Squadron (24 pts)
  • 1x Howlrunner Tie Fighter Squadron (16 pts)
  • 2x Tie Fighter Squadron (16 pts)



  • Advanced Gunnery
  • Contested Outpost
  • Superior Positions

I have the fighters,advanced to screen for the bombers.

The Gladiator to strike fast and hard with engine techs and the Victory for carrier duty and squadron command. What do you guys think?



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OP, that is essentially my list that I swept my tourney today with today.


My differences are a Vic-1, and different squadron set-ups.


I agree with advances...drop some. I run a single TIE/a with a bomber and rhymer. This gives me 3 black bomber dice as needed, at medium range.


I use the points saved from Vic-1 to flesh out my squadrons to 99 points: 3 TIEs, Howl, 2 TIE/Ints, and the above.


This set up, to me at least, gives more options. While the Interceptors are more costly for their bodies against non-squadron lists (which Sup Positions is perfect for ;) ) and if you're up against squadrons they are extremely beefy with flight controllers, and if you decide on howl (6 dice with a re-roll and 2 counter, 3 with howl and a re-roll). Plus interceptors are FAST. So you can pop them along with squadron commands with rhymer to rear-shoot things at a 50/50 hit chance. I netted 10 tokens in my last game this way, and 13 in another game.


That said, you're squadron set-up is very scary. It can wreck enemy ships while delaying enemy fighters.


Of course, I would suggest Precision Strike Red objective to benefit from those bombers some more.

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