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Paul Lemond and effect timing question

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I am fairly new to playing this game and a situation came up last night in a game with my son that I am not sure we played right.  I am going from memory right now, so forgive me for the vagueness regarding the card names involved.  Here is the situation:  My son was playing a Cthulu/Hastur deck, and I was playing an Agency/Misk deck, using only the cards in the base game (this was his first game).  I managed to get Paul Lemond into play and immediately started giving him fits with his icon add ability.  Later in the game, he attempted to play the Hastur event card which causes a character to go insane (don't remember the exact name) on Paul.  I immediately triggered his effect, giving him a copied terror icon.  Does this nullify the "goes insane" card?  We played it as it did, but a quick read of the rules and the FAQ were not clear on the timing of these effects.

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Bielius is absolutely correct, but let me just explain why in a little more detail:

An "Action" must resolve completely before anything else can happen, except for "Disrupts".

Then any "Forced Responses" which were triggered by the prior Action must occur.  Some "Disrupts" can interrupt these, too.

Then one or more "Responses" may be triggered as a result of the aforementioned Action or Forced Response.  Again, these can be "Disrupted" by certain cards.

A "Disrupt" can only occur *during* another effect (e.g. Action, Response, Forced Response) and cannot be triggered on their own.


So, in this context:

An "Action" is played to drive Paul insane.  It must resolve completely, unless Disrupted (e.g. with Power Drain).

Once it resolves, Forced Responses and Responses must/may be played, as appropriate.

Then, a new "Action" can be taken.  Since Paul's ability is an "Action", and he's already insane by this point (unless a Disrupt prevented his insanity or a Response or Forced Response restored him), he can't do that.


Opportunities to play Actions (and Responses, Disrupts, etc) alternate between players in every "Actions may be played" phase, with the active player going first.


Hopefully, this will help you apply correct effect timings in future.  :)

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