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Alternative Tech Tree

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For some time we use this alternative tech tree (more than a year or two). And after so much testing and twiking finally we get, let's say, the ideal variant branching technology tree using this already so well-known alternative.

Number one - with so much experience, I can say with certainty that some races, although they have a choice of two types of starting technologies, in 95 percent of cases will always take the same ... eg Hacan will always take Neural Motivator, Yssaril I will not even mention that, Letnev too (Duranium Armor) , Yin same and so on...

Number two - Some starting technology of some races are situational or are totally useless. For example Creuss will never take Transfabrication, Letnev will not skip Duranium Armor which then continues to the Hylar V assault laser, Yin will not skip Transit Diodes that are free skip turn and certainly lead to the same Daxive animators, Jol-Nar ... Neural Computing ... really? And so on ...

Number three - Based on some of the starting technology and further extensions of some...it happened to some extensions of the branching technology,no matter how eloquently just sounded logical, so much in the connection does not make sense. This a link that I already posted on this site: http://www.ti3pbf.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1159

It is all explained in detail, except that it is already after so many tests and twiking been a few other small but significant changes. 
Such as Transfabrication herself is isolated technologies, such as it was, Sarween Tools is one of the initial technology in yellow branch, Automated Defense Turrets has continued to Hylar V Assault Laser and of course the War Sun researched the same as in the original tech tree. Except that it was the same number of technologies leading to the War Sun, but it is irrelevant which of the two yellow and two red technology.


I can't find the way to attach picture of that Alt Tech Tree,so here's a link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1379370/alternative-tech-tree

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