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Deployment cards for "boss" characters in the campaign

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In our campaign, it kinda bugged me when we got to the Chain of Command mission, where it basically says: "The Imperial Officer is really Weiss, only with the following abilities that you just have to remember..."


I thought to myself, wouldn't it be better to have an actual deployment card for Weiss? And, indeed, for General Weiss in Desperate Hour, and Darth Vader in Last Stand, who both have "end-level boss" abilities as well.


So I made some.








You can of course print them out and leave it at that (especially if you're using card protectors). Personally, I glued them onto spare Imperial deployment cards that I otherwise couldn't use (you get a unique General Weiss card in both the core set and the General Weiss villain pack, for example), so the heroes wouldn't know they were non-standard cards while they were in reserve, and would only find out when they were brought into play.



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