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Darth Ruin

Darth Ruin paints: Pale Fire, Assault Frigate MK II

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The keel for the Pale Fire was laid at Rendili Shipyards 6 months ABY and entered service shortly before 2 ABY.  The fourth ship of its classification, most errors in the construction process had been corrected and the Pale Fire passed service trials flawlessly, with a noted propensity for achieving speeds well above it's engine rating. Its first Captain, the flamboyant Zabrak ex-mercenary Qesrut Vraqa, had a giant Alliance starbird painted on the front hull so as to have her easily identified by friend and foe alike, which led to the Pale Fire unfortunately often being designated by enemy gunners as the first target in an engagement.


The Pale Fire saw extensive service on the Outer Rim and took part in several notable fleet actions, performing notably at Bakura and the heavy raid on Dac. Considered by her crews a lucky ship, she managed to avoid notable casualties until she was heavily damaged in a skirmish before Endor where her serving Captain, the Dathomiri Silo Drashi, was killed alongside half of her senior command staff after a direct hit to the bridge. The Pale Fire returned to Rendili for significant repairs and was later re-commissioned into the New Republic Navy.









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Imp CO - Aye... There be ye accursed white whale Pale Fire. I'll kill that white whale even if ye have to give another arm and leg to that accursed whale. MEN!!! READY THE HARPOONS!!! We're catchin' ourselves that ol' Pale Fire...

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