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Wave 3 and beyond

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My guesses is we get ships that tie into the more recently released Star Wars stuff before we dive much deeper into the EU. 

Ships from Rebel I would like to see: That ship that serves as Phoenix Squadrons flag ship (until it was too damaged by Darth Vader) and had to be abandoned.  The Gozanti, this has the added benefit that it is already a FFG ship, but I am not sure what a ship smaller than a Raider would be good for.  And the ship they refer to as the Light Cruiser in Rebels.  It would be cool to get the ghost as a squadron, but I don't know what else would come with it. 


I think we may get Force Awakens ship like the First Order Star Destroyer.


Other ships I really want to see, the other MC80, the one with wings, I just like that one better.  and the other Assault Frigate. 


I'm sure we'll get the Ghost in a small ship expansion called "Odds & Ends" or otherwise appropriate.

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