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Armada trade thread

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On 7 April 2019 at 2:08 AM, Packerman29 said:

I am willing to part with my alt art damage deck, 1 of my acrylic speed and shield sets and my thrawn/bel iblis alt art. I’m looking for regionals/worlds dice. 

Good trade with @Packerman29.

Thrawn & Sloane have arrived.

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On 4/2/2019 at 6:30 PM, BrobaFett said:

I'm looking for the alt art damage deck and at least a pair of the acrylic shield/speed dial sets. I have dice, customs, frosty plastic glad, plenty of decent trade fodder to get it, just need some people willing to help me out. 

Greatly, grearly appreciated. 

Good trade with @BrobaFett

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Completely new here, and I doubt this will result in anything, but figured I might as well give it a shot.  I am very new to Armada (a month), so I'm open to quite a few expansions minus a core set and Home One that would equal the retail value of the CR90 (`about $89.99).  Greatly preferable if it is the same condition (unopened).  While I might consider shipping, I would like to consider in-person meet-up first.  I am currently in the Waco, TX area, but I will be in Memphis, TN area in a week or so. 

Have: X-wing miniatures unopened Tantive IV/CR90 Corvette

Want: Again, most anything, but ideally would like an ISD, Profundity, Liberty Frigate Mark II in that order.  

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I’m UK based and looking to trade my last few armada Alt art and acrylic promo items listed below as I’ve now sold all my fleet

  • Mon Mothma
  • GR75 Transports 
  • Hera Syndulla Ghost
  • set of 5 evade tokens (x2) - double sided red/green

I’m looking to trade for x wing V2 promo stuff - Such as;- 

  • Spot gloss Lando in falcon 
  • cartel spacer
  • 2019 open series cards and tokens 

I am looking to get rid of the last of my armada stuff so message me and we can sort out a deal. 

I have lots of successful trades on here and ace status on the big x wing trade thread so trade with confidence. 



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Looking to pick up 3 Disposable Capacitors ship upgrade cards.

I have a lot of doubles triples, of just about everything. 

and the following alt art ship upgrade cards available for trade:


External Racks (x4)

APTs (x2)

Rapid Reload (X2)

I do have some alt ship cards for trade, like the GR-75, probably some others but can't recall off the top of my head - but if you make a request I can check for you. 


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Armada Haves:

2019 Alt Image Yavaris/Suppressor

2019 Alt Image Comms Net

2019 Alt Image Slicer Tools

2019 Alt Image Defense Liason

2019 Alt Image Dash Rendar/YT-2400

2019 Alt Image Colonel Jendon/Lambda-Class Shuttle

2019 Alt Image Nym/Scurrg H-6 Bomber

2019 Alt Image Captain Jonus/Gamma TIE Bomber Squadron

2019 Alt Image Keyan Farlander/B-Wing Squadron

2019 Alt Image Dengar/Jumpmaster 5000

2019 Alt Image Overload Pulse/Veteran Gunners

2019 Alt Image Intel Officer/Engine Techs

2019 Alt Image Gunnery Team/Ordnance Experts

2018 Alt Image Boosted Comms/Slaved Turrets

2018 set of 5 clear/white Acrylic Navigate Tokens

2018 Alt Image Demolisher/Home One

2018 Alt Image Skilled First Officer/Dual Turbolaser Turret 

2017 Alt Image Rapid Reload

2017 Alt Image TIE Bomber Squadron

2017 Alt Image Assault Proton Torpedoes

2017 set of 6 red/black Acrylic Objective Tokens

2017 Alt Image TIE Interceptor Squadron

2017 Alt Image Turbolaser Reroute Circuits 

2017 set of 5 red/black Acrylic Engineering Tokens

2016 Alt Image Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer

2016 Alt Image X-Wing Squadron

2015 Imperial Star Destroyer Dice Bag

2015 set of 5 Acrylic black/red Squadron Tokens

2015 Alt Image MC80 Assault Cruiser

2015 Alt Image Han Solo Millennium Falcon

2015 Alt Image Leading Shots

2015 Alt Image Victory II-Class Star Destroyer

2015 Alt Image Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

2015 Rebel Dice Bag


Legion Haves:

2019 Alt Image Endurance

2019 Alt Image A-300 Short Range Config

2019 Alt Image E-11D Grenade Launcher Config

2019 Alt Image Tauntaun Riders

2019 Alt Image Rebel Pathfinders

2019 Alt Image Imperial Deathtroopers

2019 Alt Image Imperial Royal Guard

2019 Alt Image Rebel Commandos

2019 Alt Image Scout Troopers

2019 Alt Image Hunter/Tenacity

2019 Alt Image DLT-19X Sniper/DH-447 Sniper

2019 Alt Image Saber Throw/Force Choke

2018 Rebel Trooper FB

2018 Stormtrooper FB

2018 Rebel Commander Token

2018 Imperial Commander Token

2018 Alt Image E-Web Heavy Blaster Team/

2018 Alt Image AT-RT

2018 Alt Image Fleet Troopers/Snowtroopers


Star Wars The Card Game Haves:

2017 Alt Image Shield Generator Assault

2017 Alt Image Colonel Yularen

set of 5 black/white Imperial Tokens


Armada Wants:

Alt Image Imperial I Class Star Destroyer

Alt Image Admiral Ackbar

Alt Image Darth Vader Commander

Acrylic Brace Tokens black/red/green

Alt Image Valen/Jan

Acrylic Scatter Tokens black/red/green

Alt Image Imperial II Class Star Destroyer

Alt Image Dagger

Alt Image Saber

Alt Image Ten Numb

Alt Image Ciena Ree


Legion Wants:

Alt Image Han Solo

Alt Image Leia/Veers

Alt Image Wedge/Weiss

Alt Image Snowspeeder AA/FB

set of Acrylic Deployment Zone Markers


I have more, but need to dig deeper into my closet. 

Also have extra ship expansion sets for some of the big cards I'm looking for that I didn't list.

All sealed


Imperial Fighter Squadrons both I and II

Rebel Fighter Squadrons both I and II

Victory Class Star Destroyer

Super Star Destroyer (in hand) would consider more desirable items such as promo items from Worlds/Nationals


I'm new to the hobby and a completist. Haven't traded in cards since Star Wars Decipher Card Game.

Will ship first to an established member of the forum.

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Adjusting have list

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Tie Bombers - unpainted (models and stands, cards not necessary)



Tie Fighters

Tie Interceptors

Tie Advanceds


Imperial Shuttles






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On 8/6/2019 at 6:08 AM, stev said:

I have an opened ISD expansion I am looking to trade (based in SoCal)  hmu if you want her!

@stev Do you still have that ISD? I don't have much promo material, but I do have a fair amount of upgrades and other ships that I'd be willing to trade..if not to offset a cash amount. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, fistfulofforce said:

What's the value of the cards and pieces from the SSD? I have no need for a set.

Not sure about value but I saw someone was wanting to offload the cards from an SSD on a Facebook Armada trading page yesterday

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Imperial Light Cruiser

Imperial Raider



Rebellion Ships (at least 1 of everything except Assault Frigate

Rebel Squads (Except Y wings)

Commander Alt Arts (Dodonna, Mon Mothma, General Rieekan, Commander Sato, Leia Organa, Ackbar)

Squadron Alt Arts (A, Y, X-wing, Han, Hera)

Ship Alt Arts (2x Medium Transports, Spot Gloss GR-75 Combat/Gozanta Assault, 4x torp hammerheads, spot gloss Corvette A/B, 2x Corvetta A, 1 Neb escort, 1 Assault Frigate A, 1 MC80 Assault)


Edited by picotheguyyo

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Updated my stuff with some odds and ends as well as spoils from Gencon (specifically the damage deck and double-sided MC30/Interdictor spot gloss). I've got:

#    Type
3    Armada black ISD dice bag
1    Armada red Rebel dice bag
1    Armada Summer 2016 ion cannon challenge coin
5    Clear orange acrylic squadron command tokens (Q4 2017 tournament kit)
10    Clear orange acrylic concentrate fire command tokens (Q1 2018 kit)
10    Clear orange repair command tokens (Q2 2018 kit)
22    Opaque + red acrylic squadron command tokens
17    Opaque + red acrylic repair command tokens
10    Opaque + red concentrate fire command tokens
10    Opaque + red navigate command tokens
15    Acrylic evade tokens
12    3D Printed lookalike acrylic redirect tokens
10    White acrylic brace tokens (2018 store champs)
5    White acrylic evade tokens (2019 regionals)
1    Acrylic double-sided red/green 2017 store champs range ruler
2    2017 Store Champs acrylic assault objective marker
1    2016 Regionals acrylic initiative counter
4    2016 Regionals acrylic setup area markers
1    2018 North American championship (Gencon) range rulers
1    2018 Worlds card binder
1    2018 North American championship (Gencon) top 32 binder
100    2018 Worlds card sleeves
1    2019 Worlds round counter
1    2019 Gencon damage deck
    Alt art Commander cards
1    Darth Vader
1    Grand Moff Tarkin
3    Admiral Ackbar
1    Commander Sato
1    General Rieekan
1    Mon Mothma
    Alt art Squadron cards
1    Boba Fett/Slave I
2    Howlrunner
5    TIE Bomber
7    TIE Fighter
5    TIE Interceptor
1    A-Wing
14    X-Wing
1    Y-Wing
    Alt art Ship cards
2    Gozanti Cruisers
1    ISD-I
2    ISD-II
7    Raider-I Corvette
4    GR-75 Medium Transports
2    Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette
1    MC80 Assault Cruiser
5    Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
1    Spot gloss Nebulon-B Support Frigate
1    Double-sided spot gloss MC30 Torpedo/Interdictor Suppression Refit (2019 Gencon)
X    Lots of spare upgrade cards. Chances are very good I have a copy. Ask!

If you're interested in any of that, hit me up. I'm generally looking for other more difficult to find stuff but we might be able to work out something.

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Great trade with @fistfulofforce , thanks!

I have some promos I'd like to trade, really hoping to trade for ships, though I'm not sure how likely that would be. If you're interested in any of mine and have other promos, I'd certainly be willing to consider. Would also be interested in partial trade and adding cash for ships.

Rebellion in the Rim
Wave 6 or 7 ships

Corellian Conflict - Would love to trade for Rebellion in the Rim
Promos -
3 x Raider I
3 x Gladiator II
1 x CR90 Corvette A
1 x Assaut Frigate Mark II A
2 x Neb B - Massing at Sullust
Admiral Ackbar
General Rieekan
Ten Numb
Ciena Ree
Dagger Squadron
Saber Squadron

Also have lots of X-Wing Ships, some 2.0 components as well


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This may be a long shot, but here goes!


I have one spare Admiral Motti commander card. Does anyone out there not have a VSD expansion but want a 2 or 3-hull point buff on their Imperial ships? If so, reach out!


I’m interested in the following commander card for a 1:1 trade (my postage stamp for your postage stamp!):


Admiral Sloane


If interested, reply to this post and I’ll be notified.


EDIT: Trade complete thanks to @The Jabbawookie. Request updated to reflect this.

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New in box Neb B
A Few other Reb Ships (Ship Cards No upgrade Cards)

Looking for 

1 External Racks
2 Ordnance Pods
1 Heavy Ion Emplacements 

Willing to work out a deal with any combo of the above

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