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Armada trade thread

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So here is a different one.  I recently purchased a used core set to use as a give away at a demo I'm doing soon.  It didn't come with  the plastic ship packaging. So I'm looking to see if someone has the core set plastic packaging to replace the one I don't have. I use them to hold my ships do I don't have to buy foam ones.  I also need a VSD plastic packaging.


core set plastic packaging

VSD plastic packaging.

VSD ship cards and token. (I do not need the ship) I doubt there are many people with spare ship tokens but it's worth a shot.


What do you want?

I could part with a Neb B or CR-90

I also have upgrade cards I could part with.

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I'm liquidating my collection, and everything is going up on ebay right now.

  • four Light Cruisers, two complete, two not complete
  • two Light Carriers, one complete, one not complete
  • two Hammerhead expansions, both complete with alt art ship cards

the rest will be going later today.

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I’m UK based and looking to trade my armada Alt art and acrylic promo items listed below;-

  • Admiral Ackbar
  • General Rieekan
  • Mon Mothma
  • GR75 Transports (x2)
  • MC80 Assault Cruiser
  • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette 
  • Boba  Fett Slave 1
  • X Wing Squ 
  • Bomber Command Centre (x2)
  • Hera Syndulla Ghost
  • set of 5 evade tokens (x2) - double sided red/green
  • set of 5 red/black original concentrate fire tokens
  • set of 5 red/black original squadron tokens
  • set of 5 red/black original engineering tokens 
  • set of 5 red/black original navigate tokens 
  • various promo upgrade cards - just ask 

I also have some ships to get rid of, although shipping may make them impractical outside the UK so message me to discuss. This includes;- 

  • rogues and villains (x3)

I’m looking to trade for x wing V2 promo stuff - Just message me to discuss offers but generally looking for newer stuff like

  • System open frosted quickdraw
  • System open frosted guri
  • System open frosted Norra Wesley  
  • Black Squ ace
  • crack shot
  • deathrain
  • dead mans switch
  • scourge tie fighter
  • munitions failsafe               
  • quickbuild blackout
  • quickbuild Foreman Proach
  • quickbuild Greer Sonnel
  • Extended art Epsilon Squadron Cadet
  • Extended art Heroic
  • Double sided plastic extended art Epsilon Squadron Cadet/Heroic
  • Extended art Resistance Blue Squadron Rookie
  • Extended art First Order TIE/FO “Scorch”
  • Double sided plastic extended art Blue Squadron Rookie/“Scorch”
  • extended art Engine Upgrade
  • Spot gloss Lando in falcon 
  • cartel spacer 

I have lots of successful trades on here and ace status on the big x wing trade thread so trade with confidence. 




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Want:  Demolisher/Home One alt art, frosted concentrate fire tokens, Boarding Troopers

Have:  Alt art Y-wings, Tie/ln, GR75, Torpedo Corvette, Bomber Command Center, Ciena Ree, frosted squad tokens, black nav tokens, black evade tokens and plenty of other stuff.

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-Spot Gloss MC75
-AA Kuat
-AA Howlrunner
-AA Luke Skywalker
-AA Darth Vader
-AA General Rieekan
-Spot Gloss Gladiator 1 (Worlds 2018)
-Pretty much every other alt art (ISD1/2, MC80 Assault, GR75, Gozanti, Regular Neb B Escort, Gladiator 2, Vic 2, CR90A (regionals), Ex Racks, TRCs, X17s, EHB, APT)
-Clear/frosted Acrylic tokens (Con fire, Squadron)


-Double sided Maarek/Shara card (#1 priority)
-Plastic Nebulon Escort card (18/19 regionals)
-2018/19 Regionals Dice
-White/Green/Red Evade tokens (Top 4 18/19 Regionals)
-Worlds Stuff??? (Willing to talk trades ahead of time for people going to worlds)

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2018/19 regionals dice

Kuat AA

Hammerhead AA

Gozanti AA

Clear Squad tokens

Clear Eng tokens

Profundity/Chimaera spot gloss

Neb B escort Frigate AA

Neb B Escort Frigate AA (clear)

CR90a AA

X-Wing AA

Tie Fighter AA

Tie Bomber AA




Event Dice

Black Nav tokens (aka Opaque+red)

Event range rulers

Ciena Ree AA

Imperial Admirals AA

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Anyone interested in acquiring a large lot of promo cards PM me. Not sure I want to piece them out. Also have a selections of coins acrylic tokens and dice bags if there is interest before eBay. Let me know. Located in Indiana but will ship Worldwide.

I have 22 promo art cards I'm looking to get rid of.

Nebulon B 

Assualt Frigate Mark II A

MC80 Assualt Frigate 

Imperial I

Imperial II

Gladiator II

Raider I

Victory II

Boba Fett Slave I

Tie Interceptor Squadron 

Y wing Squadron

A wing Squadron

Han Solo Millennium Falcon

X Wing Squadron

Tie Fighters Squadron 

Tie Bomber Squadron

Bomber Command Center 

Turbolaser Reroute Circuits 

Assault Proton Torpedoes 

X17 Turbolasers 

Rapid Reload 

Leading Shot


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