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Armada trade thread

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Hi everybody,

If you'd like to work something, just let me know

Victory Star Destroyer(Core or expansion, doesn't have to have the upgrade cards if it helps)
Imperial Raider/Corvette( doesn't have to have the upgrade cards if it helps)

Might take other things, just ask(generally not looking for alternate art)



Dengar/JumpMaster 5000s
Jendon/Lambda Shuttles
Darth Vader/TIE Advanceds
Morna Kee/VT-49s

Jan Ors/HWK-290s
Nym/Lancer-Class Pursuits
Ketsu Onyo/Scurrg H-6 Bombers
Ghost/VCX-100 Freighters
Han Solo/YT-1300 Freighters
LT Blount/Z-95s


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Updated! All FFG, all mint, all the time.
Acrylic range ruler (2014 X-Wing PAX Prime)
Acrylic Imperial range ruler (2012 Fourth Quarter X-Wing tournament kit)
Acrylic range ruler (2014 X-Wing store championship)

Acrylic range ruler (2016 X-Wing store championship)
Acrylic target lock tokens 1-5 (2013 Season One X-Wing tournament kit)
Acrylic cluster mine token, corrected version (2016 X-Wing Regionals)
Acrylic cloak token x 10 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Acrylic Rebel range ruler (2012 Fourth Quarter X-Wing tournament kit)

Academy Pilot AA x 12 (2014 Summer X-Wing tournament kit)
Bandit Squadron Pilot AA x 4 (Assault at Imdaar Alpha)
Black Squadron Pilot AA x 5 (2013 Season Two X-Wing tournament kit)
Dagger Squadron Pilot AA x 4 (2014 Season One X-Wing tournament kit)
Gold Squadron Pilot AA x 8 (2013 Season Three X-Wing tournament kit)
Gunner AA x 5 (2015 Winter X-Wing tournament kit)
Han Solo AA (2014 Winter X-Wing tournament kit)
Push the Limit AA x 2 (2015 Spring X-Wing tournament kit)
Recon Specialist AA x 10 (2015 Summer X-Wing tournament kit)
Scimitar Squadron Pilot AA x 8 (2014 Winter X-Wing tournament kit)
Soontir Fel AA (2015 X-Wing store championship)
Ten Numb AA x 5 (2014 X-Wing store championship)
Veteran Instincts AA x 10 (2016 Spring X-Wing tournament kit)

Advanced Targeting Computer (X-Wing)

TIE/x1 (X-Wing)
Acrylic crate token x 5 (Imperial Assault Regionals)
Alliance Smuggler AA x 3 (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
AT-ST AA (2015 Imperial Assault Regionals)
Bantha Rider AA (Imperial Assault store championship)
Chewbacca AA (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Darth Vader AA (2015 Imperial Assault Worlds)
Dengar AA x 2 (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Imperial Officer AA x 17 (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Kayn Somos AA (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Rebel Saboteur AA (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Royal Guard AA x 9 (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Rancor figure and deployment cards (Imperial Assault)
SC2-M Repulsor Tank figure and deployment card (Imperial Assault)
Leading Shots AA x 9 (Armada tournament kit)

MC80 Assault Cruiser AA x 2 (Armada tournament kit)
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate AA x 17 (Armada tournament kit)
Raider I-Class Corvette AA x 7 (2016 Armada store championship)

Acrylic Epic range ruler (2016 X-Wing Gen Con)Acrylic weapons disabled tokens (2016 X-Wing Worlds)
Acrylic energy tokens (2016 X-Wing Gen Con)

Acrylic thermal detonator token (2017 X-Wing Regionals)

Proton Bomb x 2 (X-Wing)

Rage (X-Wing)

Seismic Charge (X-Wing)

Tail Gunner x 2 (X-Wing)

Trick Shot x 2 (X-Wing)

Mandalorian Mercenary ship card, corrected version (X-Wing)
Acrylic door tokens x 4 (2016 Imperial Assault Nationals)
Feeding Frenzy x 2 (Imperial Assault)
Survivalist x 2 (Imperial Assault)
Targeting Computer x 4 (Imperial Assault)
Skirmish map sheets (Imperial Assault)
Acrylic defense tokens (2015 Armada Nationals)
Acrylic speed dials (Armada tournament kit)
I'm in Washington State, USA.

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AA Rieekan
AA Nebulon B Escort
AA Raider 1
AA MC80 Assault
AA Interceptor
Unopened ISD

AA Vader
Any Acrylic stuff (2016 initiative toke and setup markers)
2016 Orange Acrylic Range Ruler
Possibly interested in either MC80 Expansion or an Arquitens Expansion

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Hey guys , just recently decided to get into Armada.

although funds are rather short, I was wondering if anybody would consider a trade of my Ogre kingdoms WFB for any Armada stuff. ( I just have the core set currently, so I am interested in practically anything).

I am located in Greece and I am willing to cover my shipping plus tracking to anywhere in the world ,as long as my trading partner does the same.

i can provide pics via pm to any interested party.



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This girl is looking for 2-3 armada scale firesprays. I dont have a ton of armada stuff to trade but I have a little (reb scum and villians, stuff in the starter) but i have LOADS of xwing, including a falcon up for grabs. If anyone would like further info please note me <3

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Hi there

Looking for gladiator model afther yesterday disaster (wife accidentaly split some nail cleaner on it and it melted badly)

Have (only models, cards are in Polishl language so probably you are not interested):

-lots of multiple Iperial fighters models (3*sets)

- 5*Arquiteness

- 3*Victory

Anyone interested PM me

Edited by NairoD

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Hi gang, I have some imperial stuff I'm looking to get rid of including 3 victories and a gladiator. Also tons of fighters from both 1 and 2 imperial packs and the scum side of things as well. PM me and we can talk. I'm looking for Destiny dice or $green paper$

If you are on facebook or  messenger, look me up CJ Karamol and message me for pics 

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Hey everyone! So heres the deal, somewhere on my flight to worlds all my acrylic command tokens (probablu 10-20 each) fell out of my backpack and I am now back to using cardboards. 

I'd like to get a complete set or two, so if you have acrylic tokens hit me up. I have tons of alt art card, including tough to get ones like Tarkin, Vader, and Mothma, any of the store pack alt arts, even hard to get ones like the victory, and more.

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Looking to reduce my Armada reserves. I will negotiate for either just the ships/titles or upgrades too, but would prefer just to deal with the ships. Squadrons would be for just the models (can do stands if you want). Looking for Imperial Assault mostly. I have the starter and some of the ally and villain packs, but not many of the more recent ones nor do I have any of the big box expansions. Here's what I have to offer.

-Imperial Star Destroyer x1

-Gladiator x2

-Home One x1

-Liberty MC80 x1

-Victory Star Destroyer x3

I also have an abundance of the squadrons from both Rebel Pack I and Imperial Pack I I'd be willing to trade as well.






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I have a large armada set in the USA - looking for Destiny lot I have 


* 2 cores

* 1 Victory Class Star Destroyer Exp

* 6 Corellian Corvettes (4 NIB)

* 2 Gladiator-class Star Destroyers

* 2 Rebel Squadron I Packs  

* 1 Imperial Fighter Squadron

* 1 Imperial-Class Star Destroyer

* 1 Home One exp

* 2 Imperial Raiders

* 2 Rebel Transports (1 NIB)

* 1 Imperial Fighter II Squadrons (NIB)

* 1 Rouges and Villians

* 1 Dice Pack

* 1 Interceptor Promo card

* 8 Turbolaser Reroute Circuit promos

* 4 XI-7 Turbolaser promos

* 5 Engineering acrylic tokens.

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Editing my trade thread, managed to find enough CR90s

Now looking for alt art VSD 2s from the Spring 2015 Tournament Kit, English version only

I have almost all other alt art cards, as well as acrylic command tokens that I'm willing to trade

For those residing in the US, I am also willing to trade BNIB Armada products (except for Rebel and Imperial Fighter Squadrons 1) for the above alt art cards.

PM me for a deal

Edited by Xethrion

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Howdy all! Trying to offload some unused things before I move. Here's what I have:



3 x X-Wings (2 starter, 1 expansion)


2 x B-Wings (one magnetized, some damage to guns)



Rebel Aces



Comes in a Battlefoam tray pictured below. I can include the tokens, dice and templates from the starter if needed.




Complete Starter

Victory-class Star Destroyer expansion

Gladiator-class Star Destroyer

Imperial Fighter pack

Rebel half of Rogues & Villains (Scurrg, HWK, YT-1300, YT-2400)

Complete Spring 2016 Tourney Kit (Coin, 2 x Han Solo AA, 4 x MC80 AA, 15 x Leading Shots AA, poster)

Han Solo AA (in addition to those above)

MC80 AA (same)

Leading Shots AA (same)


Promo or Miscellaneous

6' x 4' Starfield gaming mat by Monday Knight Games (felt)



Various Dice Bags for Imp Assault, SWCG, X-Wing and Armada



Medals for X-Wing and Imperial Assault



Acrylic Focus Tokens for Imperial Assault



Card Boxes



Commemorative Edition Shuttle Tydirium Model circa 1996 (unopened, box is dented)




Lego Imperial AT-ST #7127



I'm looking for a lot of X-Wing Wave VII and later, as well as the Gozanti, Raider and C-Roc. Also looking for Imperial Assault, pretty much anything after the ISB Infiltrators, and Jabba's Palace. PM me with any questions!

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Reposting as lots of changes to the original

UK based but have and will ship internationally 

Looking for;-

FFG promo spot gloss GR75/Gozanti (nationals 2017) 

FFG acrylic turn counter from 2017 Q2 kit 


have to trade - all FFG

AA Admiral Screed

AA Mon Mothma

acrylic promo navigate tokens x 5 - reserved 

acrylic promo engineering tokens x 5 - reserved

acrylic promo squadron tokens x 5 

acrylic set up markers and initiative token

AA admiral ackbar (in Italian) 


Edited by kharas1

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