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Armada trade thread

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All FFG, all mint, all the time.
PAX Prime 2014 range ruler (X-Wing PAX Prime)
Acrylic cluster mine token, corrected version (X-Wing Regionals)
Bandit Squadron Pilot AA x 4 (Assault at Imdaar Alpha)
Acrylic range ruler (X-Wing 2014 store championship)
Acrylic range ruler (X-Wing 2016 store championship)
Soontir Fel AA (X-Wing store championship)
Ten Numb AA x 5 (X-Wing store championship)
Acrylic target lock tokens 1-5 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Acrylic cloak token x 10 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Acrylic Rebel range ruler (X-Wing tournament kit)
Acrylic Imperial range ruler (X-Wing tournament kit)
Academy Pilot AA x 12 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Black Squadron Pilot AA x 5 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Dagger Squadron Pilot AA x 4 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Gold Squadron Pilot AA x 9 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Gunner AA x 5 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Han Solo AA (X-Wing tournament kit)
Push the Limit AA x 2 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Recon Specialist AA x 10 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Scimitar Squadron Pilot AA x 9 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Veteran Instincts AA x 10 (X-Wing tournament kit)
Darth Vader AA (2015 Imperial Assault Worlds)
Acrylic crate token x 5 (Imperial Assault Regionals)
AT-ST AA (2015 Imperial Assault Regionals)
Bantha Rider AA (Imperial Assault store championship)
Chewbacca AA (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Dengar AA x 2 (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Kayn Somos AA (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Rebel Saboteur AA (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Royal Guard AA x 9 (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Imperial Officer AA x 17 (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Alliance Smuggler AA x 3 (Imperial Assault tournament kit)
Rancor figure and deployment cards (Imperial Assault)
SC2-M Repulsor Tank figure and deployment card (Imperial Assault)
Raider I-Class Corvette AA x 7 (2016 Armada store championship)
MC80 Assault Cruiser AA x 2 (Armada tournament kit)
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate AA x 17 (Armada tournament kit)
Leading Shots AA x 9 (Armada tournament kit)
Acrylic weapons disabled tokens (2016 X-Wing Worlds)
Acrylic energy tokens (2016 X-Wing Gen Con)
Acrylic Epic range ruler (2016 X-Wing Gen Con)

Acrylic target lock tokens (X-Wing SOS)

Acrylic proton bomb x 4 (X-Wing)

Acrylic conner net (X-Wing)

Rage (X-Wing)
Tail Gunner x 2 (X-Wing)

Mandalorian Mercenary ship card, corrected version (X-Wing)
Acrylic door tokens x 4 (Imperial Assault 2016 Nationals)
Feeding Frenzy x 2 (Imperial Assault)
Survivalist x 2 (Imperial Assault)
Targeting Computer x 4 (Imperial Assault)
Skirmish map sheets (Imperial Assault)
Acrylic defense tokens (Armada 2015 Nationals)
Acrylic objective token x 6 (Armada 2016 Nationals)
I'm in Washington State, USA.

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Edit: I have two of these now, but might be interested in a couple more.

Looking for Chart Officer upgrade cards. I want two but would consider maybe 3-4 if they were available at a decent trade.

I've not got a particular list of things I'm looking to get rid of but have a decently sized collection and have a lot of cards that I have multiples of (such as XI7s) and I have a lot of A-wings!

I don't have any spares of the super high demand cards from the most recent wave (RBD, FCT, etc) but am happy to have a look at anything else you're interested in.

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UK based but have and will ship internationally 

Looking for;-

FFG promo Luke Skywalker squadron 

FFG promo Victory 1 spot gloss plastic card 

FFG promo admiral screed - from European championship 

FFG acrylic evade tokens from store championship kit

FFG acrylic brace tokens from regional championships 

FFG double sided two colour acrylic range ruler from store championship 2017

FFG acrylic turn counter from 2017 Q2 kit 


have to trade - all FFG

AA Mon Mothma

AA Vader

acrylic promo navigate tokens x 5

acrylic promo engineering tokens x 5

acrylic promo squadron tokens x 5 

acrylic promo concentrate fire tokens x 5

acrylic set up markers and initiative token

AA admiral ackbar (in Italian) 


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Anyone have a damage card deck they want to trade.  

Also interested in any fighters except xwings and tie fighters.

I have:

2 decimators

2 VCX 100

2 lancer class pursuit ships

I'd possible trade 1 or 2 imperial shuttles if nothing else is interesting.

Almost 1 of every unique card (commanders, officers, 1st fighters packs, ext)


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Loc; Copenhagen Denmark

Want: Armada only

Worlds Leia AA

Gozanti / GR - 75 AA Plastic

Nebulon Support Frigate AA Plastic

VSD - 1 Gencon AA Plastic

Armada FFG Acrylic Speed Dials
Armada FFG Acrylic Defense Tokens (redirect,Brace,contain)

Armada FFG Acrylic Corner marker Tokens & Round Marker

Have :

2 x GR - 75 AA

2x Gozanti AA

1x Bomber Command  AA


1x Leading Shots AA 

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status update

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I have 

Neb no generic upgrades

Cr90 no upgrades

R&V rebels

Willing to through in rebel unique upgrades/commanders

Raider aa

Leading shots aa

Ffg acrylic tokens

Ffg regional range ruler

Ffg acrylic brace tokens


I want

Imperial squadron packs (almost anything out of either)

Ion Cannon batteries

Boba Fett aa

Mon mothma aa

Vader aa

Tarkin aa

Armada op posters.


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I have a somewhat odd trade request that only applies to people in Southern California-

I need some fresh opponents, and for anyone who can make it for a few games I would happy to trade beer and food in the short term and Worlds swag after May for your time. I live on the Orange County/Corona boarder so if you are around the area and this trade interests you, feel free to message me.

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A Wings! A Wings! Looking for A Wings! Ideally 3 stands.


I've got four boxes of Rebels Squadrons so willing to negotiate and swap one for one from those. More than happy to ditch VCXs, E wings etc

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Hello there,
I have some spare upgrade cards for Armada, some rare ones, a lot of common ones. Also looking for specific cards. Ideally I would like to trade, but may as well buy some cards if you happen to have spares I need.
Please PM with any offers or questions.
For Trade

1 Nebulon B expansion with all cards, dials and tokens (opened but not played or assembled) - can trade for arquitens or gozanti

Quad Turbolaser Cannons x2
H9 Turbolasers
Spinal Armament x2
Engine Techs x3
Projection Experts
Leading Shots x2
Assault Concussion Missiles x2
Veteran Gunners
Medical Team
Sensor Team
Projection Experts
Navigation Officer x2
Support Officer x2
Wing Commander x2
Nav Team x4
Engineering Team x4
Admiral Titus x2
Commandant Aresko x2
G-8 Experimental Projector x2
G7-X Grav Well Projector x2
Grav Shift Reroute x2
GX-7 Grav Well Projector x2
Targeting Scrambler x2

Looking For

Commander Sato
Phoenix Home
Ashoka Tano
Major Derlin
Flechette Torpedoes
Rapid Launch Bays
All Fighters, Follow Me!
Entrapment Formation!
Shields to Maximum!
(basically all upgrade cards from Phoenix Home expansion set)

Bomber Command Center (ideally x2)
Slicer Tools
Dual Turbolaser Turrets
Damage Control Officer
Reinforced Blast 

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Loozing for:

2 z95 

1 ordinance expert

1 slicer tools

Potentially want a raider or imperial flotilla expansions.


1 unopened rebels fighter pack 1.

Have some acrylic tokens and dice bags

AA trc

AA leading shot

AA x17

AA xwing

AA tie fighter

AA raider 1

AA neb b

AA Corvette A

AA vic 2


AA akbar 

Kinda iffy on trading last 4

And for xwing AA live action Poe dameron

Willing to take offers just send me a message and say hi :)

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