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Custom UFS Cards Of What I Wish To See

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Hello everyone! I am rather new to this forum but I'd like to have some fun and bring up cards from video games not yet or may or may never be added. I personally have a whole list of games I'd like to see in UFS, so I used my creative nature to make some myself! Around here in Virginia, we occasionally play created cards in a created card tournament to test out and make our made up cards fair. It's rather fun, especially since we have prize support :D Anyways, here's a small list of things I've done. Note: Some of these aren't fighting games, I was just really bored xD

Starting with the closest to what could be real:

Guilty Gear XX. You know you want to see it, though it will probably never happen >.< haven't made attacks yet, but I've got foundations for Sol and Ky so far.

Ky Kiske

Sol Badguy




If anyone would like to see any personality, foundation, action, or attack made from any fighting game existing or non-existing in UFS, please let me know, I'll be happy to make a card for it. I have alot of free time now that exams are over so please, if anyone even reads this forum (:P) let me know, I love to make cards!




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Alright, here's my next post of Custom UFS Cards, this time I'm posting everything else that I've made that does or doesn't involve fighting games. Again, if there are any requests or you are just curious, please let me know, I'm bored out of my mind lol.

Air Gear (Anime):

BlazBlue (From the creators of Guilty Gear; Fighting Game):


Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Fighting Game):


Kino's Journey (Anime):


Batman?! (Dark Horse Comics;Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe):


That's all for now til I feel like making more face, foundation, action, and attack cards on my own. The moment I get a request though, I'm all over it! Happy playing!


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Hey! Still making cards? 


I thought your cards were cool and really wanted to make a few cards for fun mostly, but don't know the game well enough  to be sure I am making them fair.


If you want to make them, that's fine, but also wouldn't mind picking your brain about how you go about it; my end goal would be to make myself and friends as fair, playable cards (outside of tournaments of course).


I really think these cards would be cool, but either don't know how to attribute them, or am having a hard time coming up with appropriate abilities... 


Vectorman (Character Card) (Many attack card ideas!)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Character Card)

Spike Spiegel (Character Card) 

Any Virtua Fighter (Character or Form cards)

Scott Pilgrim Characters (Characters or Forms)

Yugi (Character for the lawlz)

Any of the Marvel vs Capcom 2 cast


Let me know what you think!




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