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Currently playing this solo-deck:


Glorfindel (FoS)



Starting Threat: 27

Cards: 52


Allies (22):

Arwen Undómiel x2

Bofur x2

Galadriel´s Handmaiden x3


Elrond x2

Gleowin x2

Quickbeam x2

Wandering Ent x3

Warden of Healing x3


Gandalf x3


Attachments (18):

Ancient Mathom x3

Light of Valinor x3

Unexpected Courage x2


Asfaloth x2

Lembas x3

Self Preservation (x2)


Keys of Orthanc x3


Events (12):

A Test of Will x3

Elrond´s Counsel x3


Daeron´s Runes x3

Deep Knowledge x3


So, what do you guys think? I´m planning to play through the LotR Saga with this (parts 2&3 are new to me), anything I should know about that?


So far the deck has been doing quite well, Treebeard is an absolute killer in the early game until the board is set with allies; Glorfindel is the usual crutch (there need to be more cheap Heroes, it´s ridiculous putting him in every deck...); and Grima makes me not miss Steward of Gondor too much. Booming Ent would be cool, but I have no idea how to squeeze him in...


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Looks cool.

Have not tried out Treebeard yet, but with heroes with high starting threat like that it's really hard to pass on Glorfindel. Supose you could try to go Mono lore, but you'll be missing some really crucial cards.

Why did you opt against Ent Draught?

One thing in using Grima, is that you will to be allowed to use him in Treason, so you'll need to change things around a bit.

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Ent Draught is great on Beardy, but what to cut for it? To many great options by now...


re: Grima

Ah, good to know...that makes things more complicated, ressource-wise...

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I'd be looking at dropping the 3 Gandalf for Ent Draught. Or maybe drop 1 gandalf and 1 warden, for 2 copies of it.

Like I said, never played with Treebeard yet, so I don't know how demanding the extra healing is needed.. How often are you triggering his ability. Even without using his ability, and assuming you have Glorfy with LoV, you've got 6 attack. Anyway, who's the main defender in the deck? Treebeard with UC? Grima?

Also, you might want to consider Burning Brand. Not sure how a tree feels about carrying around a torch, but it might save him from getting burnt by a nasty shadow card.

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I´d never, ever, ever drop Gandalf. Never. He´s just to good, and often decides games on his own.


I find myself defending with whoever is at hand; Grima, Beardy, another Ent (they can take a punch), or Glorfindel; or just letting attacks go undefended (Beardy has the Talented Healer skill by now...7 HP...hmm, with the Ent Draught it would be 9!). So not much use for the Brand imo; Hasty Stroke might be more useful.

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I don't often include Gandalf in any of my decks anymore. Too many other cards to choose from. I'll include him if something is seriously lacking in a deck, but at that point if k was relying him to fill the void I knew the deck was not going to make it far. Also, 5 resources (4 with grima) gave me a short term boost, but left me deprived next round. Even sneak attacking him got kind of old, but it's usually the only way he makes into a deck these days is with Leadership.

Yeah, if you don't have a main defender then HS is a better choice. But some shadow cancelation is becoming necessary. They can often end a game.

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