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The Enduring Evil - Descent, Rebalanced

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It's really great to see Descent's various design quirks broken down and addressed, almost as if Antistone understood them better than the designers themselves.

Allow me to contribute the suggestion that Teleknesis should be a general ability with ranks, with similarities to Knockback, such as being counterable by way of the Unstoppable ability and less effective against larger creatures. The skill card would thus only need to say "You have the Teleknesis 4 ability" or something along those lines. 

I'd similarly take many of the powerful skills and powers that various characters and skill cards offer and define them as abilities so that they be expanded farther than the space on a card will allow, as well adding the benefit of making it easier to designate countermeasures against them. It would also open the door to finding multiple ways to access them and stack them (similar to how folks try to find ways to stack Pierce). Kirga's anti-spawn ability could simply be called "Tracking" (or "Tracking 5" if it were assigned ranks), Spiritwalker is another good candidate.  



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I wanted to try Enduring Evil - Descent, Rebalanced and started to make cards as in original game, with graphics. But I found that you have already made them.

Is there any chance to get this files? Unfortunately I can't order them from artscow.

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@Metaller - The files are too large to e-mail or whatever.  The easiest way would be to put them on a flash drive and mail it to you.

@Torin Negatia - Good catch!  Missed that one myself.  Now I know that the set I bought has a defective Golem card.  Rest assured it's fixed.  My apologies to everyone who bought one.  I'll have the corrected cards here with me in 3-4 weeks.  Just send me a message with your address and I'll see if I can't just mail one off to ya.

@ Everyone who would like accurate links to the cards on Artscow - Here ya go..... I hope!


Monsters - Gold: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-monsters-gold-a7oo99k9bav7

Gold - Relics - Shop : http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-gold-relics-shop-f0k59ocfkm1n

Shop: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-shop-s72ubowc7vfn

Shop cont. & Overlord Remainder: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-shop-overlord-remainder-qwch6lb0mfuc

Feats: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-feats-3sr5mmcg2bj3

Feats cont. & Skills: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-feats-skills-yvvnf052nt0s

Skills cont. - Overlord: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-skills-overlord-rbilud851at5

Overlord cont.: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-overlord-06p1gkffhxf9

Overlord cont. & Copper: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-overlord-copper-zie8f4yqvdlb

Copper cont. & Silver: http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/enduring-evil-copper-silver-afhqofwnkd95

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 Hi XmenDynasty, 

I can't seem to figure out how to send you a private message so will just use this thread...perhaps I need to send you a friend invitation. Anyway, I purchased the cards that you created from Artscow and just noticed that the Golem I have does not have dice either. (I never noticed that before, guess it doesn't get used a lot.) The set is great, by the way, a nice complement to the fabulous Enduring Evil variant. Would you mind sending me a Golem card?

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 Interestingly, I was just playing Antistone's quest #7 (ill weather) last night, and two golems came out in the dungeon. I just sort of extrapolated their dice from the card from the 3-4 player game (I kind of assumed you'd add one more power die to the attack), but ironically they were both slain before getting the chance to attack.....having undertaken more of a defensive posture.

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 Rather than proceed to Quest #9, I decided to save that for a game
with my daughter-in-law on March 10. So I went back and played
Quest #2 again, solo. She and I had played that one several months ago, with
her winning as overlord. But I don't think I made it as far as the
final area, with the dragon, and at any rate I didn't remember it very
well anyway..

This is a very interesting quest, it's very well done! I really liked
the story line of the dragon hoarding its riches and growing
increasingly furious as the heroes open more chests, that's an
excellent game mechanic. Congratulations on another quest that is very
well designed!

In this one, I had the following heroes/skills: Steelhorns
(Ambidextrous, Bloodletter, Exuberance - all very useful, in the end,
Steelhorns became quite formidable, Exuberance was used 8-10 times and
it often was counter-productive for the OL to attack him);

Runewitch Astarra (Channeling, Shadow Weaponry, Spiritwalker).
Runewitch Astarra is already my second favorite mage character, behind
Runemaster Thorne. I have a friend who maintains that her special
ability is overpowered, and she drops the distance away for glyphs to
be activated down to 3 spaces as a house rule when she plays the
Runewitch, which is also the adjustment made for the campaign game in
the official rules....but I leave it at 6 myself. That ability does
make life considerably easier for the heroes, as we know. But this
skill set was amazing. She became a major force, a powerful, versatile
attacker. I've now drawn Spiritwalker as a skill in three straight

At the endgame phase, I parked Steelhorns in the dragon's lair with a
dodge order and the Sorcerous Lash (nice idea for a weapon) equipped.
On a couple of earlier turns he added the Whip as his off-hand weapon
to give him Entrap 7! But later with all those monsters coming after
him he needed the Tower Shield instead. And then the Runewitch could
attack from afar, through Steelhorns. All three of her skills were
tremendous advantages.

Bogran the Shadow (Spin Kick, Shadow Soul - how appropriate is that?,
Mimicry). I've always had an affinity for Bogran but am usually
reluctant to play him because he's so easy to kill. But he has an
interesting special ability and is a little bit different. He was a
very shadowy character in this game with Shadow Soul and his
occasional use of Shadow Weaponry via Mimicry.

Sir Valadir (Aggressive, Trance, Stormborn). Easily the weakest skill
set of the party. Being a 3-fatigue hero, more often than not he
wasn't in position to use Aggressive. Ironically, the one time he used
it near the end of the game, he rolled an X. I think Trance got used
once, near the beginning of the game. Stormborn was the best of these
skills, for him. In this game, Sir Valadir purchased four different
rings, although one of them never got used at all (Ring of Luck). It
was kind of fun to play it that way. He also had the Ring of Skill
(relied on heavily, especially after he acquired the Silvered Staff -
nice weapon), Ring of Force and Ring of Energy. Interesting.

While I don't know about the overall strength of this party, it was a
pretty strong group with these particular skills, especially Runewitch
and Steelhorns. It seemed like the heroes should win. Then as the game
went along, the party made some key acquisitions. Sir Valadir added
the Silvered Staff, which became his weapon of choice for the second
half of the game, with the Ax being sheathed in his pack, and the
Wings of Regiroth. Bogran, critically, acquired Unknowable, Robe of
Light ("brilliant") and Boots of Speed. Runewitch gained Incomparable
(only used a couple of times), Arctic Hurricane (never used at all),
Sorcerous Mail (saved her hide at a critical juncture when a dazed
master ferrox saw a ferocious attack which may have killed her miss
due to Fear 1 - he had spent additional threat to reach her to pull
away from Steelhorns' entrap 5 with the Adrenaline power card - great
idea for a power card), and last but not least, Agony - literally the
perfect weapon with which to engage the master dragon with deflection
5, and even better, using Spiritwalker and Channeling (to get in 3
attacks). That particular salvo drove the dragon's wound total up to
52 on the next-to-last turn of the game.

Steelhorns added the aforementioned Sorcerous Lash, a game-changer,
Vermillion Mail - a terrific acquisition!, and Fatigue Training.

Still, in the end, the game was incredibly balanced. On the heroes'
last (winning) turn, there were two good options for the party to
attempt to slay the dragon (who was sitting on 52/54 wounds). The
dragon was tremendously well defended against an attack from the east,
although Valadir could have handed the Wings of Regiroth off to
Runewitch, who would have had exactly enough movement to get to the
dragon and use Agony to hopefully finish him, on an advance move.

The Shadow Soul was lurking right next to the easternmost gold
treasure chest. Not cleverly, the dragon had left the red rune-locked
door on the west end of its lair open...quite honestly having
forgotten about Shadow Soul, which had gone unused for several turns.
Bad Overlord! So with an advance move, Bogran could get into position
for a kill shot with the Unknowable, at a range of 2.

The Overlord had a "Net" trap card.

The heroes chose to open with the Bogran/Shadow Soul option, and see
what happened with the Net card. That would still leave the Runewitch,
Wings/Agony combo as a backup plan. Of course if the hero rolls a
blank when the OL plays the Net card, it has no effect. And wouldn't
you know it....that's just what happened! Bogran got himself
positioned and rolled a strong attack to finish off the dragon.

At that point the hero party was sitting on 5 conquest tokens. There
were two overlord cards remaining in the deck, so on the next OL turn,
the heroes would have lost 3 CP. Additionally, every hero's health was
compromised, with the exception of Bogran, who had been killed a few
turns earlier and had maintained perfect health since then...
Steelhorns had dropped to 7 health, but regained 2 on the OL's final
attack of the previous round due to Exuberance, so was back up to 9.
The dragon had twice used Rage cards in immediately preceding attacks,
against Steelhorns + Valadir, with Steelhorns dodging on both salvos,
and two of the four had missed. Another only resulted in 3 wounds.

Also, another brutal attack near the end (master ferrox vs. Runewitch)
had missed due to Fear 1, as mentioned earlier. In other words, some
10 hours of play had come down to a razor's edge at the endgame, which
could have really gone either way.

That's the way it's supposed to work, so I have to say this is a
brilliant game design! Very enjoyable. Nice job, much appreciated!

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