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Lutz, Florida; arrived less that 5 months ago. Still awaiting for my FFG SW books to arrive from Puerto Rico, should be arriving next week I hope. Started today working on my campaign ideas after a years absence, preparing a campaign for later this year or early next year.


So as it turns out "arriving next week" was a bit optimistic. :)

​More like "after waiting for close to 8 months" and "working way to many hours of mandatory overtime due to staffing shortages at work", my books finally arrived and I can continue working on my future campaign. NOW I can see what books I have, star reading them again, add them to the books I am purchasing from my FLGS (FFGs Star Wars RPG line) and from Amazon (non-gaming SW related reference books), and start working on the outline of what kind of SW campaign I would like to run next year.


​I hope to be more active on these forums starting this month... :)

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