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Credit Card Sized Equipment

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Let's make a list of 101 Items That Could Be Credit Card Sized

in the 40th millennium.


 1. Credit/Throne Card

 2. Identity Card

 3. Door Access Card (electronic or code type)

 4. Door Access  (physical key-like access)

 5. Multi-Tool (Bottle Opener, Screw Driver, Chisel, Compass,

                  can opener, Tweezers, diamond-tip etcher, tree-saw wire,  etc.

 6. Garrote.

 7. Priviledge or Authority Card  (memberships, buildings, lab access, passport)

 8. Battery Backup

 9. Data Card

10. Two Ounce Thin Flask

11. Folding Knife

12. Micro Vox (mini cell phone)

13. Beeper (Locator)

14. Lens (Micro-Binocs, magnifier)

15. micro-light or laser pointer

16. micro data slate (recording, diary, journal)

17. circuit writer (metal line painter)

18. language translator (written or spoken)

19. vehicle lock-out or starter

20. collapsible sunshade

21. pocket med-scanner (or personal med. diag gadget)

22. paper money clip

23. business card (contact or guild info) {paper, give-away}

24. business "card" (contact or guild info) {electronic, data-exchange}

25. micro thin ration bar

26. digi-cam

27. photo, souvenir,  or memory displayer

28. music, radio or entertainment player

29. mini stencil or marking kit

30.  e-reader (kindle) (entertainment, news, current events, alerts)

31.  e-reader (pad) (data, tech readouts, ingredients, formulas, directions, guidebook))

32. slicer/hacker/phreaking/intrusion kit

33. measuring device (laser, sonic, line, etc)

34. drone or servitor controller.

35. vehicle remote control

36. teleport homer (loc. beacon)

37. deadman switch or penal device.

38. brush, comb or other cosmetic device

39. gewgaw or children's entertainment, a distraction.

40. micro radar viewer (xray specs)

41. O2 filter (fold-out breather plugs)

42. signalling mirror/laser reflector

43. collapsible tools or chairs (memory plastics)

44. rad/poison/biochem exposure or detector

45. jammer or silence field

46. collapsible rope

47 chronometer 


don't say stupid stuff like a star cruiser, okay?


doesn't have to be sci-fi stuff, could be mundane things I've omitted.

surely there's more,  what say you?



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48. Las based fire lighter (energy pack included)

49. Disposable fire lighter

50. Flick scalpel

51. Micro calculator

52. Emergency cauterisation patch

53. Emergency blood loss patch

54. Poison canister

55. Inventory of ship

56. Standard organism recogniser (totally not a pokèdex XD)

57. Phosphor flare

58. Single-use augur 'blip'

59. Anti-sep wipe (i know its simple, but I'd imagine it'd be a bit stronger in 40k)

60. Strike-designator

61. Micro-taser

62. Average trade price displayer

63. Fake average trade price displayer

64. A fallen leaf from a terran oak tree in a glass sealed container

65. Recaf powder container

66. Warp charm

67. Holo-projector displaying royal family tree if royal

68. Holo-projector to show ship damage

69. Knock-out poison powder

70. Disabling spray (pepper spray in spaaaaace)

71. Micro disruptor (emp)

72. Gun sight alignment tool

73. Directed photon flash card

74. Door breach charge

75. Wrist grapnel

76. Illegal and heretical AI chip

77. Micro-speaker

78. Mini-plasma charge

79. Blank tester (are they a psychic blank or just weird?)

80. Psyker tester (weirdo or witch?)

81. Servitor or drone instruction card

82. Nutrition powder (not carbs or sugars, vitamins and salts and such)

83. Gene discrepency tester

84. Marriage compatability card (to avoid inbreeding)

85. Relationship compatability card (not trustworthy)

86. Amasec quality tester

87. Exotic genetic specimin container

88. Perfume/other liquid sprayer

89. Strategic map display card

90. Usage manual display card

91. Taste dispenser (yep I'd like to taste some chocolate right now? Thanks)

92. Nav card

93. Adren-patch

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94. Vitals scanner

95. Fingerprint scanner

96. Wind speed and direction analyzer

97. Remote detonator

98. Heater base (for heating/boiling water)

99. Micro-chipper (hold it up to the creature and click theyre chipped)

100. Chip reader

101. Firework pyrotechnic (a mini rocket!)

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