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Sorry the pictures are not that great. I just can't figure out how to post direct to this page. Part of it is my computer won't cooperate.


On the right hand side of the page (on Photobucket) where you're viewing the picture, there is a "Share this Photo" set of boxes.

You want the IMG link.  Which is the 3rd one down.  Just click that box and it'll copy the link to the clipboard.


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The in scale ships really do look even better than these pictures show. Monday night, a friend and I played a 500 pt game on an enlarged table. I had 1 ISDII and 2 GSDIIs with fighters. My friend had 2 sets of CR-90s and 3 Nebs. The Rebel mission was to cause as much damage as possible by turn six with the ability to flee to hyperspace in turn 7.

The cinamatics of the game were fantastic. The little ships zipping around the table with the Imperial behemoths following them around. It really looked great.

He ended up destroying one of my Gladiators while I killed off his fighters and special pilots. In the last turn, my ISD delivered a volley from the front arc onto the rear arc of a Neb-B which fled to hyperspace with 1 hull point left.

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