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The biggest star wars campaign ever?

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Blout's surname doesn't happen to be Jenkins does it? :D


Also I looked through the rules but couldn't find anything on how the sector force obtains new ships and fighters other then loaners from the main fleet. I'm guessing it has something to do with manufacturing but where are those rules at?

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If your Rebels have a mission or two that they find themselves unable to commit their own resources to accomplish, feel free to have them pass it along to Besh Squad.


I have two AARs which I'll have done and sent your way very soon, one of which can nicely tie in with the results of the tactical roll for the Imperial Assault game (a small theft of supplies from a Czerka which could draw troops from the spec force target).

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Blout's surname doesn't happen to be Jenkins does it? :D


Also I looked through the rules but couldn't find anything on how the sector force obtains new ships and fighters other then loaners from the main fleet. I'm guessing it has something to do with manufacturing but where are those rules at?


Those rules are in production, I'll put up the draft versions of all the new components here


As you can see, it's a fair bit of work. I planned on "hand waving" a lot of that stuff initially but decided to go with a more detailed system as of...... Friday night. So i've done all this over the weekend. 


And Blout really is a Jenkins, crazy SOB

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If your Rebels have a mission or two that they find themselves unable to commit their own resources to accomplish, feel free to have them pass it along to Besh Squad.


I have two AARs which I'll have done and sent your way very soon, one of which can nicely tie in with the results of the tactical roll for the Imperial Assault game (a small theft of supplies from a Czerka which could draw troops from the spec force target).



Brilliant, The Imperial assault will be the culmination of a month long operation. I'll mention Besh squads involvement., 

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Again, if the players need any help, let me know and I'll see what I can do. (My group is Squadron 666, made up of three aces. PM me if you need more info or anything. My reply may be slow as I'm off to work in the near future.)

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Operation Downfall - Mission report for Talathen Sector

Clearance – Secret 
Mission – Operation Downfall
ID: TSC- 000113
Reporting Officer: Lieutenant Andil Thorne 
Mission successful 
Operational report
Pre-mission issues
This initially appeared as a relatively straight forward mission. The team would infiltrate into an abandoned ancient temple here on Axamar, locate a group of Imperial reclamation force personnel, eliminate them and cover up their disappearances. This matter become more complicated immediately after the briefing was delivered at central HQ on Axamar. 

During the briefing, Crin Dollos, who was not assigned to the mission, was landing his light freighter at Axamar base. On approach, he reports that a large part of the ground rose up in front of him, and that a large beast attempted to grab his freighter as it flew past. He attempted to lead it away from the base, but it seemed intent on approaching our base directly. In response we deployed the defensive energy shield.   

The beast has beeen called a "behemoth" and we have heard reports of them on Axamar before, but this one was much larger than the one our scouts had seen in the deep jungle. It stood over 100 meters tall, the size of a moderate city building. It was covered in soil, plant life and rocks, and the majority of it's body was rock-like.

It also displayed a high degree of intelligence as it investigated and tested our energy field, first touching it, then hitting it, then leaning on it with it's full weight, and finally charging it without penetrating it. 

I suspect that without Oli Shim's quick work on re-configuring our power allocation system for the defence shield, that it may have been able to enter the base. 

The Behemoth eventually gave up trying to enter the base and wandered off into the jungle. We immediately dispatched a couple of probe droids to track it's progress and to gain more information on this unusual and potentially very harmful creature. We have named this Behemoth "Alvin".

Mission report.
Crin Dollos met with the rest of the team and decided to join in on the mission. It is worth noting that while he was not assigned to this mission, I have no qualms at people showing initiative if it leads to successful outcomes. 
They took one of the older model land speeders that we have recently converted for jungle use. It has been treated with a chemical defoliating component, and under testing, this has allowed these ships to stay in the jungle for up to two days without being overgrown and rendered useless.  
The site itself was unusual, with the temple located at the bottom of a 600 metre deep sinkhole, with only nominal plant growth in the area. As Axamar is almost entirely covered in the most rapidly growing jungle in the galaxy, this was unusual. It seemed to the mission personnel, that the jungle growth simply stopped a few meters away from the sinkhole, more investigation into why this occurred will need to take place, as the constant efforts to stop Axamar base from being overgrown take up considerable effort and personnel time. 
Continuing with the unusual nature of this mission, the mission team located a lone Ithorian male named "Jah" who was sitting at the edge of the sinkhole and claimed to be waiting for them. He claimed to have been living on this world, by himself, for over 20 years. If this is true, then it is a remarkable feat of survival. He offered up information, much of it cryptic about the temple in the sinkhole. 

He claimed that it was not, "jedi-sith" and that it was a place of a failed people who attempted to use "the force" for personal power and glory, and that their entire culture was destroyed long before the birth of the Old Republic. He also claimed that a "jedi-sith" was inside the temple, and that somehow our operative, Inomo Cle'fasa, had been called to here to help this "jedi-sith". 

Historical records show that the Sith were the ancient enemies of the now defunct Jedi order. Jah claimed that the two groups were indistinct in his mind because they both used "The Force" to fight wars and improve martial prowess and by doing so, were both equally bad. 

As i have said before, this mission is unusual and deal with mysticism and spiritual matters that normally have no place in a mission report, but I feel I would be remiss if i left them out. 

He also spoke of the Behemoths, and said they were attracted to unnatural power sources. And that he had encountered one slumbering not far away from the sinkhole, but that it hadn't moved in over a decade.  
The mission team then descended into sinkhole by means of a giant stone staircase that wound around the outside of the very sheer walls. Inside the sinkhole, no movement could be seen, although a Lambda class shuttle had landed on a stone platform near the temple.       
When the team got closer, they heard a person inside the shuttle talking in a panicked fashion. They surprised and stunned an imperial soldier who was calling for help. Upon reviving and interrogating him, they discovered that the imperial mission team had all been killed inside the temple, and that this was an Imperial Reclamation Service mission. Essentially, a group of archaeologists. In an attempt to show his importance as a ransom-able prisoner, he mentioned that the orders to survey the site came from Lord Vader himself. 
The prisoner was terminated, and Inomo spoke to the other Lambda shuttle, currently docked at Tane Station in orbit. He asked them to come down in two hours time. 
At this point, Inomo mentioned that he had dreamed of this exact scenario the night before and found the whole thing very unusual.

The temple facade was at the edge of the sinkhole, with the temple proper located inside under the rock. It appeared to be a cave system that had been artificially extended with fusion cutters.

The first room was fully lit, with the IRS team having deployed lighting in order to study the site. On the walls was a vast amount of a pictograph language. Oli Shim, a recognized archaeologist and expert in ancient ruins quickly cataloged and photo-recorded the images and provided a very quick interpretation of the main themes.

"This tells the story of a civilization, from bronze age to going to space, it tells of a great natural disaster on their home world, and how the civilization retreated from space and put all their efforts into saving their home world, it then tells of civil war and the decline of their civilization as their attempts to control nature went to far"

From here, the mission team entered the second chamber. A massive temple area, with a dais, stone seating for thousands, and a wall covered in portraits and more pictographs. Oli Shim concluded these were "Great heroes" of this faith and that these were their personal stories.

From here on, each mission member has a different report of what happened. None of them seemed comfortable discussing what they saw, and they claim to have seen personal visions while knocked out.

All except Inomo, who claims to have encountered the person in the temple who killed the Imperial personnel. 

After recovering from their experiences, of which none of them have chosen to divulge to me, they retreated from the temple. At that time, they heard the approach of another Behemoth. The mission team decided to turn all the power sources on the shuttle and IRS power generator up in order to attract the beast into the sinkhole.
The beast leapt into the sinkhole as they were climbing out and proceeded to "eat" every technological item he could get his hands on. He smashed the temple facade and ate the Lambda shuttle whole. He then "napped" in the bottom of the sinkhole. 

When the mission team reached the top of the sinkhole, Jah was gone and so was his gear. At that time, the second lambda shuttle arrived and landed in the sinkhole. It too was immediately eaten by the Behemoth, who we have classified has "Bob". 

The team went to their shuttle in order to return to base. There they encountered Jah, who had packed up his gear and wanted a lift back with them. I do not think he is a security risk, as he has no way of leaving the planet, although a full debrief will need to occur. 
Commander’s recommendations
The mission was a total success, but has raised a lot more questions than it has answered. We have a potentially significant problem with the Behemoths, as we now know they are attracted to power sources. Alvin has been sighted "resting" only 10 kilometers from our main base.

We also have reports of multiple temples of this nature across Axamar, until further study I recommend we embargo these sites. 

We also have the unanswered question of who the woman Inomo encountered in the temple was, or even if she was real. 

Lt Andil Thorne

Axamar base Logistics command
RV – 705642
Epilogue, what they saw
Inomo Cle’fasa
Inomo entered a room full of imperial personnel that had been dismembered. Inside was a twil'lek women, hunched over and in tears. When she saw Inomo, she threw him telekentically into a wall, drew a laser sword and held it to his throat.

She was incoherent, and spoke about visions and monsters. Inomo was very distressed, but it was at the moment before she was to kill him that she snapped out of her fugue. She apologized for her behavior, said that this "domain of evil" had warped her mind, and thanked him for offering her clarity. She also said he had a connection to the force, and that that connection brought her back. She told him to leave immediately, and to claim his friends and run while they could. No one else saw this woman. 

Ana Tola
Ana saw a vision of herself as an old feeble woman, in a work camp on Nimbala. She was too weak to stop the guards from exploiting a woman who identified herself as her grand daughter, and was gunned down by Czerka guards as they laughed.

Zorrin Vox
Zorrin saw a vision of himself commanding the Luxon resistance in a final last stand. The attacking forces were led by his sister, Kallista Vox, who after defeating the empire had declared herself sole ruler of Luxon and was putting down any opposition to her rule. He died in a final charge into massed laser fire from his sisters tyranical forces.

Oli Shim
Oli saw a vision of himself converted into a cyborg and leading a unit of super battle droids on a mission. The mission parameters were "eliminate all organic life". When he resisted and tried to order his battle droids not to fire, his system was over-ridden, he was deemed "malfunctioning" and was executed by the droids originally under his command, while a Twi'lek village burned in the background. 
Crin Dollos
Crin saw a vision of himself as a tie-bomber gunner, flying in a two-seater with his pilot behind him. His mission was to drop incendiary bombs on a massed protest march on Zenith. He drew his pistol, shot his pilot, took control and eliminated the other three pilots in formation before being shot down by his fighter escort.   

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Gave it a quick glance, plan to dig deeper later. I love the interplay of it all; I may have to nab some of it for a framework of advancing Rebel operations in a sector, but I don't have grandiose plans. Resolving the non-PC levels/ fields of battle with the Arda 1 mass combat rules, and condition tracks are probably how I'm going to do it.


Thanks for sharing it!

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Instead of the normal "mission report" style for RPG reports, i'll talk about this session a little differently. 

When we created the setting, I asked my players for four "events" they really wanted to see happen. They were


  • A massive tech breakthrough
  • A plague or epidemic to occur
  • The "second battle of the boneyard"
  • A classic "whodunnit" mystery

This roleplaying game session was the "whodunnit mystery" and borrowed from a few sources heavily, mostly "cluedo" and the Blakes 7 episode "Mission to Destiny"


I essentially took this episode and rewrote it for the setting. Major core elements of the story, the stun gas, an inside job, the dead pilot, a missing crew member and missing life rocket were shamelessly stolen. Where I changed the story was in the framing, instead of the crew stumbling on to a random ship in space, it was a preset meeting. And instead of a valuable commodity being the "MacGuffin" I made it a high ranking Luxon officer who had gone rogue and was contemplating joining the rebellion. 


I also added in considerably more complexity to the clues as well and removed the really obvious pointers in the story. So while I used the episode as the story core, i wanted to up the difficulty in the mystery and cut out a lot of short cuts (Personally, the letters written in blood clue in the original is so obvious I had to bin it as my players would see right through it)


The premise

Our crew were asked to meet with Oleg Thrax, hero of the first Battle of the boneyard and a major Luxon leader in exile. His camp lost the political struggle that allowed Kallista Vox to become the leader of the Luxon militia. In recent times, after viewing the successes of the rebellion, he decided he might return to help. Although well known for his ruthless military style and discipline, he is a hero in the sector and a man people can rally around. 


One of our player characters is Kallista's older brother, a combat surgeon and veteran solider. He was picked to represent the alliance as he knew Oleg personally, and Oleg hates diplomats and "soft" bureaucrats. 


The team was asked to rendezvous on Samoth, on a remote island. There they were asked by a protocol droid to enter a shuttle and be taken to pre-programmed coordinates. The shuttle was heavily modified and it's navigation and hyperspace systems were locked down and wielded shut. 




The Ship


The ship they were visiting was an unusual design I came up with. The left side of the ship is a massive deployable storage area and the engineering section and habitats. The right side is the entire command and services area, including the bridge, medbay, armoury and hangar. 


The ship was dead in space when the team arrived. Nominal lighting and power on, and not responding to communications, although the hangar doors were open.

Our force sensitive player got a terrible feeling about the hangar, so they docked at the auxiliary airlock on the left side of the ship


Stepping on-board I had the doctor roll medicine to detect the smell of "anaestathen gas" in the air. One triumph later, the good doctor smelled the gas, found an oxygen mask sotrage unit by the airlock and had handed them out. They then began to explore the dark and empty ship



The Crew (Cluedo)




Coming up with names for characters that people can remember is pretty tricky. So what I did was cheat. Each character wore an old luxon uniform, with branch of service in a coloured band on their shoulders, similar in style to star trek Voyager, as shown here. 


The names were borrowed directly from Cluedo, as we were doing a "whodunnit" it seemed perfect :) People remember names like Colonel Mustard a lot easier than normal Star War names.

The crew were as follows


Oleg Thrax, the Beast, the Hero of the Boneyard, Captain. 


Oleg is intended to be a recurring character, so he got a real name. He was found unconscious in his captains ready room with two puncture marks in his neck.

While everyone else was unconcious from the gas in the air, he was doubly drugged with an additional heavy duty drug that could only have come from med bay. Dr Vox examined him and decided that waking him up early might kill him. (And, with such a forceful personality in mind for this character, I did want him out of the picture while they investigated, and the offender really, really, didn't want him waking up early)


Commander Scarlet, Chief Flight officer and 2IC


Scarlet was a middle aged red headed women who was found asleep in her quarters in her bed. I described her as looking a lot like Beverly Crusher from Star Trek, but less "Professional and maternal" and more "Commanding and overtly sexual".


Lt Pink, Flight Officer


As a junior flight officer, the hue of his rank colours was a pinker red that the bright scarlet of his commanding officer. Pink was found on the flight deck, bludgeoned to death by a fire extinguisher. He had not fallen asleep during the gas attack, because Scarlet closed the vents as she didn't like the "breeze" on the flight deck.


Lt Colonel Mustard, Ship Security


Colonel Mustard was found in a very suspicious place and position. He was found, unconscious with a pillow, magazines and some vials of narcotics. His ID and security cards were missing.

Although initially a top suspect, it was revealed that his drug use for pain had become a problem, and that he occasionally "shot up" in private on his off hours. While his failure as a security officer allowed the offender to his security credentials, he was ruled out quickly as a "sad case" more than a criminal mastermind. 


Commander Green, Chief Engineer


Green was found inside an access panel in engineering unconscious. He was near where the gas bottle pumping gas into the air system was located. Green was an unusual chap, when revived he seemed strangely calm and matter of fact about things. He answered every question honestly,but in a way that left our investigators feeling uneasy. The rest of the crew suggested he was a loner and a recluse. 


Digging into his character revealed some giant traumas during the battle of the boneyard. Green was a recluse due to PTSD and his reclusive nature was due to losing his entire engineering crew there.

He remained a top candidate during the investigation, due to his access, detachment and where he was found. 


Dr White, Medical Officer


Dr White was found unconscious on the floor in medbay, which looked like it had been ransacked. When revived, Dr White proved herself to be quite an arrogant pretentious perfectionist and martinet. She claimed that medbay was not ransacked when she fell unconscious, and that she had passed out while searching for her rebreather when she smelled gas.

White pointed the finger first at Lime, who was missing and then Green because he was "weird". The team discarded her as a suspect, mostly due to the mistake made when injecting the commander, which she considered "sloppy and imperfect" and the team agreed. 


Lt Blue, Communications Officer


Lt Blue was found in her quarters on her bed fully clothed. Lt Commander Plum was found in her quarters sitting at a small dinner table by a half eaten meal. Lt Blue said that Plum and her were in a "discrete liaison" and were having dinner during their off hours. She said she felt very sleepy, but does not remember going to her bed.

As Communications Officer, she also mentioned some irregularities in the comms system that she hadn't reported to the Captain. She said that due to her relative lack of experience she had kept it quiet as she tried to figure it out, so as to not appear incompetent. 


Although the team did discover the Communications irregularities, they didn't dig deep enough to discover that it was her login that made the changes to the system. 


Blue was a reasonable suspect as, under pressure, she revealed that her relationship with a senior officer was for self-advancement. That, and she had the skills required to do the job. 



Lt Lime, Engineer


Lt Lime was the top suspect for the first half of the investigation for one major reason. He was missing, and an escape pod was missing. Lt lime had the skills to sabotage the ship, but the crew were adamant that he was "A fine young man".

Suspicion was removed when his body was found in the cargo hold under a tarpaulin (It's a tarp!), a short distance away from the door to engineer. A detailed scan of the area found tiny traces of blood and his injuries were consistent with a short range blaster bolt to the back of the neck.  


The Droid


Not long after Lime's body was discovered, the team began to suspect that there was a stowaway on-board, so decided to investigate the crawl spaces of the ventilation system. During this investigation, they found a small armed hover-droid floating through the vents.

This droid escaped capture for a while, moving all over the ship, before finally being cornered and destroyed. But not before it delivered a small package to the offender. 



Commander Plum, Third Officer


Commander Plum was a science officer by trade but also a generalist. In his role as third officer on the ship he manned the sensors on the bridge, and also acting as a backup medical officer. 

He was found in Blues quarters and admitted feeling drowsy when Blue passed out, he placed her on the bed before passing out himself.

He admitted being in a relationship with Blue and mentioned that he was separated from his wife and family. A detailed study of the captains personnel files revealed that while he was separated from his wife, they were still close and that he kept in contact with his son.  

During the confusion involving the droid, Plum managed to get into the security room (which had been locked) and bolted himself in. 


How it was done


Plum was being blackmailed by the Empire. They had taken his estranged wife and his son and had threatened to kill them if he did not deliver the Captain to them.

He used his personal relationship with Blue to get superuser access to the communications system, and put a coded transmission to repeat the ships location on a sub-channel. 


He took White's rebreather from medbay while she was off duty and stored it in his work bag.

He then placed a sedative in Blue's drink and waited for her to pass out. So she was asleep before the gas was delivered. 


Knowing that enginnering was not on a 24 hour roster, he picked a time when both Lime and Green were off duty and placed the gas bottle in the air filtration system. He was surprised by Lime wearing a rebreather when he left engineering and, when Lime was talking to him, his droid his shot him. Lime then began to drag his body away.

The Green appeared from his quarters so Plum had to hide quickly. He hid Limes body in the cargo bay and followed Green to engineering but found him passed out in the ventilation shaft. 


Plum then found Mustard in the Storage Shed where he knew he would be and took his security pass.

From there he went to Med bay and got the drugs needed to dope up the Captain. Due to Mustard's drug use, White had moved their location so he had to search quickly to find them, making a mess in the process. 


From there he went to the bridge, finding Pink still conscious. Without a blaster of his own, he had to use the fire extinguisher to beat him to death. He then trashed the bridge controls. 


After that, he went to the captain's room. And while he was medically trained, his hands were shaking violently from the brutal murder he had committed, so he made a mistake giving him the strong sedative, leaving two marks on the Captains neck.

Knowing the player characters were on the way, he went to the armoury and grabbed explosives. He wired the hangar doors to explode when they closed once a ship docked.

Having some time, he changed uniforms in the shower/laundry to remove the blood spatter from killing pink.

Seeing that the player characters had not used the Hangar, he panicked and took his dirty uniform and placed it in the escape pod and fired it. he then returned the mask to medbay and quickly rushed to Blue's quarters to pass out from the gas. 



When the Captain woke up, he was not pleased. 


A fake "Imperial boarding action" was staged to convince him to leave the security room, where he was apprehended. The Beast wanted to execute him immediately, but negotiated with the characters to have him stand trial instead.

Oleg Drax agreed to join the rebellion on the condition that the people of Luxon receive a referendum on joining a New Republic or being independent if they win. He brings with him a Nebulon B frigate and two Corellian Corvettes.

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Is it possible for.you to consolidate your rules into a PDF?




The core rules are in one pdf in this dropbox as "Talathen Sector rules" 


There is probably stuff missing in there, as I haven't written it all up. Some of it is still "in my head" as such. I'll look at doing a full rules set with everything a bit later on, right now i'm still tweaking and changing things. 


All the gameboards and the like are individual files, i'm not sure how to consolidate them easily. 


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Thanks, so during the planning phase is it more board game like or is there more roleplaying amung the players?


A bit of both. It sort of plays out like X-Com (without the timer), where the person controlling the board makes the decisions and the rolls, but the full team offer feedback and recommendations, sometimes that is in character, sometimes it is out. 

In the Policy phase before the boards are used, the missions and intelligence reports are read out and they roleplay out their priorities for the next strategic phase. This is normally done in character as each faction pushes for their own agenda. Once the agree on a list of priorities, we move on the the strategy phase. Usually, whoever is in charge of the board goes along with the plan 100% from the policy phase, although at least once people have swerved and ignored commands requests. 

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Wow interesting. Would it be possible to record your policy phase?



Probably not,  I personally don't appear in any photos or video online or the like where possible. I'm an extremely private person in a lot of regards. 

Even my profile picture on my blog hides my identity and I never refer to my players by name, only by nicknames. 

It's a peculiarity I developed years ago due to a job I was doing, and i've never relaxed it. I like having my personal, work and hobby lives completely compartmentalized.  

Audio might be an option though, i'll think about it. 

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