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Side Mission: Sympathy for the Rebellion

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My qeustion is a mix between rules and mission about interact with tokens.

"Healthy heroes and Stormtroopes can retrieve recuits" (neutral mission tokens)

This means figures spend an action to interact with these tokens acc. RRG to retrieve tokens. Right?

"When a hero carrying a recruit enters a space containing an exit, the heroes claim that recruits mission token."

Does this mean that the player claim the token automatically if the hero enters the exit space or does the hero have to spend an interact action to claim the token?

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1. Correct. 

2. All he has to do is enter a space containing the exit, so automatically.



"Retrieving Tokens" pg 22 RRG


 Some missions allow figures to retrieve specific tokens. A figure adjacent to or in the same space as the token can perform an interact to retrieve the token. Place the token on the figure’s base to mark that the figure is now carrying  that token. The token now moves with the figure.


"Claim" pg 8 RRG


When a player claims a token or component, he places it in his play area. The effect of claiming a token is explained in the mission’s rules.

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