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Hello all,

Our first ever UFS Pro Tour Circuit will be kicking off in Florida. We have alot planned for this event and I hope many of you will be able to attend.

Until the website is finished information and news will be posted on myspace at:


If you would like to help us make UFS greater then it has ever been, you can do something to help! We are getting no support from FFG this season for our events, other than their permission to host official events. To prove to them that the UFS community is something that FFG needs, you can help by sending us "Prize Support". What we mean by that is; if you have anything you can donate to our players at the PTC tournaments, for example; shirts, games, comics, cards, playmats or anything that is themed with the UFS card game, we will use this as extra support to our event attendees.

If you would like to help you can send your support to:

Jason (UFS PTC Organizer)


2842 34th Street

Lubbock Texas, 79410

You can also contact me at:

or by phone at: 806-252-3404

First Event:

South Arena Showdown
October 10th and 11th 2009
Oct 10th: Standard Singles starting at 10am - After top cuts there will be a sealed event with prizes, also more TBA
Oct 11th: either standard teams event, or legacy singles event - After top cuts there will be a legacy sealed event with LOTS of legacy prize support to give out

Prizes so far include:
A plane ticket to gencon next year
Copies of Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV
4 Life Counters
16 Uncut Sheets
16 Art Prints
Custom Plaques
3 binders with complete sets
And much more including lots of promos

Pre-Registration prizes will be given to people who preregister and pay in advance (you do not want to miss out on these prizes).

Entry fee for the entire weekend is $20.00, that includes entry into any events we do with the exception of sealed events. Those will be based on product price and other factors.

See you in the South Arena

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