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MARKETING: Are we going to get some support to run this at conventions? We need more local players!

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Are we going to get some support to run this at conventions? One of the problems we've had around here is that although it's only been 4 years since wfrp2 came out, there never was really any good convention support.  That meant that our core groups of roleplayers were not getting exposed to it except as a brightly colored book on a shelf (or wasn't carried at many places).

What I'd like to see is more convention support for people willing to GM this (and other FFG products if need be).  That means intro scenarios, promoted "world wide game days," prizes, table-tent ads, etc.



Jay H

Denver, CO, USA

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My local gamestore gets involved in every promotion from Warhammer tabletop, to D&D 4e events, to Monsterpocalypse, etc.

Fantasy Flight needs to come up with some events to promote Warhammer 3e to emphasize its strengths to people so they can see more than just the price tag.  They need to point out that it comes with 4 books which would each likely retail for $25 - plus everything else that comes in the box.  It's a hell of a deal - but not many will realize that unless FF takes the opportunity to promote it.  Give away a few sets of dice or exclusive stand-ups to game stores to give to players that run the game, or something like that.  

I just really want to see this game succeed and know that they're going to have to show it off to get people unaware of the system to give it a chance.  They should be sending out little pamphlets describing the game to game store owners and employees NOW so that they're aware of it and how it works.  Nothing will make a game succeed or fail better than the people tasked with getting it into customer's hands.  If they're spreading misinformation based on not knowing anything - the game dies.  If they know about the system - love the system - then that will be exhibited when the store employee is asked about it.  I know that last Saturday I asked my local gamestore owner about Warhammer 3e and if he was going to carry it.  If it's supposed to come out this year, there's less than 3 months until it's released.  Unfortunately, the gamestore owner knew nothing about it.

That ain't gonna work.

So I did my part and talked to him about it a bit.  He was interested - just based on the innovation of the system.  Imagine if Fantasy Flight sent him a full-color pamphlet fully describing the game and coming up with some sort of promotion to give him and his customers some small incentive to give the game a try. 





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