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necromancy, savage, raider and ambush

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The rules were printed on sheets included with the expansions which feature cards with these keywords. I'll paraphrase.



Ambush X


The Ambush X keyword is active when on a facedown development.


During the Ambush step of the Battlefield Phase, the defending player chooses any facedown developments in the defending zone with the Ambush X keyword he wishes to ambush with and pays their Ambush cost (denoted by X). These cards are turned faceup, stop being developments, and become their printed card types.


If the ambushed card is a unit, it must be declared as a defender against the current attack. If the unit has an "Action: When this unit ambushes ...", this action has met its trigger condition and may be used during the following Action Window (or not at all).


If the ambushed card is a tactic the card is no longer considered to be in play once it has ambushed. It is considered to have been played and its action must be used during the following Action Window.


The Ambush X keyword on a faceup card, including a faceup development, has no effect.



Savage X


This keyword allows a unit, whenever it is dealt 1 or more damage and survives, to deal X damage to one target unit in any corresponding zone.



Raider X


When a unit with the Raider X keyword participated in an attack and survives combat, its controller gains X resources. These resources come from the general pool, not from the opponent.


The Raider keyword triggers even when no damage has been dealt during combat, or when there were no opposing units, provided the unit with the keyword attacked and survived.





This keyword allows a unit to be played from the discard pile as though the unit was in its owner's hand. The unit enters play from the discard pile.


If a unit that was played via the Necromancy keyword is still in play at the end of the turn, it is put on the bottom of its owner's deck.


All other restrictions still apply, so unless another card effect allows for the unit to be played at another time, a unit with Necromancy can only be played from the discard pile during its owner's capital phase.


If a unit that was played from the discard pile with Necromancy leaves play again, it is treated as a new copy of the card. So if it is destroyed and put in the discard pile, it will remain there at the end of the turn and not be put at the bottom of its owner's deck. For the same reason, if a unit does not have the Necromancy keyword printed on it but got it from a card effect, it loses the keyword again upon re-entering the discard pile

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