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Overheard discussion in the officer´s mess or yet another Epic report

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This time we had a three player Team Epic, so 3 x 200 points of fun. As usual, Imperium prevailed, here are some feelings after the battle (sorry, longish, I got carried away):


Discussion heard in the officer´s mess of ISD Redoubtable. Omicron Group pilot captain Viin Airaan meets his old friend from the logistic section.


- Viin, you look happy. What´s up?

- Nothing special, we just had a really succesful mission – and got couple of days off as a reward! Come, sit down and have a drink!

- That´s unusual, what did you do? Saved lord Vader´s ass or what?

- You know, we´ve been flying this combat patrol thing in Aikon sector. Two shuttles per patrol with full combat crew and an operations officer onboard. Better than using fighters as we can do much longer shifts without having to piss in the bag.

- Yeah, I can imagine that TIE jockeys don´t want to emphasize that part.

- So, I was flying as Kagi´s wingman...

- Captain Kagi, that old clone trooper?

- Yes, him. They say that he´s been Emperor´s personal shuttle pilot before, but I don´t know if it´s true. He runs with us occationally, he´s the best shuttle pilot I´ve ever seen. Anyway, I was patrolling with him when he reported that there was a Rebel force navigating through an asteroid field. We got no readings, but Kagi told that that civvy on board...

- Wait, a civilian? In Kagi´s Lambda?

- Yeah, a hot girl, maybe 20 or so. I have no idea who she is, maybe intelligence or something. Better not to ask. But apparently she had some information or she´s just very good guessing, but we vectored towards the asteroid field and BAM, suddenly we got reading of a capital ship – with some escorts.

- Strange...

- Yup, you can say that. We closed the distance to get better readings and you know what, it turned out to be a CR-90 corvette, rather common Rebel vessel.

- We have those same ones, yes?

- Yeah, I´ve been onboard once, they are not normally used in combat ops. But anyway, my tactical operations officer, lt. Dan, did a full scan and that CR-90 turned out to be one Tantive IV, a slightly modded ship.

- Tantive IV, doesn´t ring any bells...

- It´s the personal vessel of that rogue senator Organa, one of the top leaders of the rebellion. So when we reported this to ops, you can imagine what kind of fuzz it created. We were ordered to shadow the Rebel force and wait for the reinforcements. Fleet ops tod that they´ll scramble a special task force to hunt down HVT like this. Luckily Redoubtable was not that far away, and they vectored another two-shuttle patrol also to help us. Even so, it felt like an eternity to wait for the reinforcements as if we were spotted by the Rebels they could easily engage us – and we would be in great danger. Anyway, I felt relieved when we were hailed by the leader of the Task Force, and when I realised who he was, I was so excited!

- What, was it somebody who I know?

- None other than Baron Fell himself! Can you believe, Baron Soontir Fell, the hero of the Imperium was coming to lead the strike on the Rebels! I have to admit that at that moment I felt like being a part of something far bigger than I can really understand. Anyway, with Baron came two flights of Blacks – led by Civé Rashon...

- Wait, isn´t Civé leading Obsidian Squadron...

- Yeah, but she´s doing some Navy Officer Exchange Program time in Black. Good for us, she´s one of the best there is. So, two flights of Blacks, one of Scimitars – they had only bombs for some reason – and a flight of those new Defenders of Onyx tooled up for anti-capital ship mission. Leading Onyx was captain Jonus as he´s an expert taking down capital ships.

- Maintenance is struggling with those Defenders...

- I can imagine but nice ships they are, and pack some serious firepower. So we formed up and started to close the distance to the Rebel force. I noticed one more ship joining us, it was quite strange on the tactical display. Turned out to be a Royal Guard Interceptor, again telling that something big was ongoing.
- Royal Guard? That´s odd...

- Say no more. But those guys are absolutely lethal, so better not to complain. So anyway, soon we got visual on the Rebels and their fighter escort turned to face us, Tantive trying to outrun us. And there were not only Rebel fighters, we got reading of two smuggler vessels, and none others that Millenium Falcon and Outrider!

- So two notorious criminal ships...

- Yeah, I think Rebels are using those low-life scum as mercenaries or something. But better for us, we had a chance to hit the Rebels AND to clean up the Galaxy of those vile smugglers at the same time. Escorting the corvette was about two flights of Rebel fighters, mainly X-Wings but also a B- and a Y-Wing, and some new fighter of unknown type. And also a civilian yacht, who knows for what reason. Probably some high Rebel commander. Anyway, Baron took one Black with him and flew to cut the escape route, Onyx were directed to kill the corvette along with the other Lambda patrol and rest of us concentrated on the fighter escort. I flew behind Blacks to clean up any stragglers.

- Nice, no risk.

- Yeah, sometimes you are lucky. Kagi and that Royal Guard tried to get behind the corvette. We closed in and suddenly the space was full of blaster fire. See, I have some snapshots from my flight computer here. This is our main force, you can even see my Lambda´s nose cone and top wing:


- Even the Rebels look quite organized...

- Yeah, they were not their usual riff-raff, but maybe some of their ”elite” squadrons. I was astonished by their high discipline. No match to our Black squadron, though. They fired a huge volley of missiles and torpedoes at the Defenders, luckily those are heavily shielded. And here you can see Baron himself, coming in fast. And the other shuttle patrol, they were unlucky to face the corvette´s fire:


- Is it dangerous, CR-90?

- Yeah, somewhat. But not so, if you get close enough, Turbolasers can´t track you. As those X-Wings were concentrated on our Defenders, Blacks had a field day. They downed quickly one X, and Onyx killed that lonely B-Wing. See, I have a good pic on that:


- Boom! That´s suits the Rebel scum!

- Say no more. Blacks and Scimitars engaged X-Wings closely, Onyx concentrated on their main target, the CR-90. Baron and other shuttle patrol focused on that pirate Outrider. See, I have couple of pics:




- Nice flying by Fell!

- Yes, he truly is the Empire´s finest pilot. I feel so honoured to have fought alongside him. But here, this is a dramatic one. You can see my shuttle here, number 31, I was firing that K-turned X-Wing. And a lot of destroyed X-wings, the one nearest was particulary interesting. The guys in Black told that he was flying so provocatively that they just had to shoot him even when there was much better target elsewhere. But this is a sad picture also, you can see a loss of a TIE and captain Jonus:


- We´ll have a toast to their memory.

- May they always be at our hearts. It was a tragic loss, but fight was still on. Defenders poured accurate HLC fire on the corvette, and soon its aft was riddled with secondaries and fire. Also its fore got heavy damage, and whole thing appeared to fell apart. I got a shot at that new Rebel fighter, it was very slippery target even for my gunner. Most of the X-Wings were blasted to bits, that Royal Guard pilot was somehow able to mess up the flying of the Rebel X-Wing leader. Also that archaic Y-Wing went down, and one of the Blacks, DS-61-3, took out Outrider as it was trying to escape. Good to get rid of that pirate! DS-61-3 is a cold-hearted fellow, he´s most likely the best killer in the whole Black Squadron, always catching enemies unaware. But see, here you can see also a destruction of one Lambda, fortunately the crew survived in the cockpit module:


- Those **** Rebels!

- Yes, but at this point they scattered, that new fighter and Falcon were able to escape. The rest we caught, Tantive powered systems down when Baron hailed them.

- You didn´t destroy it?

- No, Baron, like a true hero he is, wanted to end useless bloodshed, and accepted their surrender. The captain abandoned the ship, though, so we could not catch him.

- What kind of a cowardly bastard does that!

- Wouldn´t know, some of the POWs told that it was that one renegade lt. Solo, but who knows for sure.

- So what´s next? You have your couple of days off and back to the frontline?

- Yeah, I heard rumours that Redoubtable is moving to Outer Rims. Some special task force got their asses kicked really hard by Black Sun and some mercenaries, we´ll go there to put things in order. But before that, I´ll offer you another round!


The battle was quite one-sided this time, even the dice were supporting the Empire. And it lasted three round, straight-forward Imperial tactics paid off fast. The Rebels threw in the towel at the end of round three when they had only couple of ships left, CR-90 was down to two hulls in fore and most of the Imperial ships were untouched. But we had another Epic after this, I didn´t have camera with me so no report, but that time S&V proved to be stronger. Stay tuned for more...

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And the lists were (more or less):


Empire 1:

Kagi (Mara Jade, SJ, Countermeasures)

3 x OGP (FCS, Gunner, Tactician)

4 x Scimitar (Seismic)

Mission - Hit points and area denial


Empire 2:

Soontir Fell

Carnor Jax


5 x Black (VI)


Dark Curse

Mission - Space superiority


Empire 3:

Jonus (Determination, SU, Proton Bomb)

4 x Onyx (HLC, HU)

Mission - Capital ship killing


As you can see, we had clear tactical missions for each player. This is the Imperial Navy, not a bunch of terrorists ;)


Rebel 1:

CR-90 (2 x Turbolasers, Quad, Han Solo, WE, Tibanna Gas)

Jan Ors (ABT, Decoy)

Blue (HLC)


Rebel 2 (Red Squadron!):



4 x Red

All with SU and Proton torps, plus some astromechs, very nice and thematic


Rebel 3:

Lando (VI, AM, MF)

Dash (Outrider, HLC)


Dutch (VI, Proton torp)


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Each player had 200 points, so there was a total of 1200 points on the table. I recall assembling the ships, advance planning and the setup took an hour.


There were some amusing fates, like Garven's. On the first round he accidentally targeted Dark Curse and was unable to spend his focus. On the second round he gave it to Biggs, who nonetheless was destroyed. And on the third round Carnor rolled and boosted from behind Kagi to range one and Garven was then shot down.

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