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Things you can find from Skaven's pockets! (?)

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While working on the Bitter Moors document I noticed that there is a clear problem - there are no random tables for Skaven Trappings! I already started a similar thread on Strike-to-Stun and The Under-Empire but I would like to enlist you too for this most important supplement ever.


So what can you find from Skaven's pockets?

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a dented ear trumpet

a rusty cathayan sword tsuba

a pair of bone dice

a rusty mouse trap

very small cage with a small (or dead) bird

grimy and torn prayer ribbon


a Kislevite matryoshka doll

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Surely most Skaven don't have pockets, I mean how do you make a pocket on armour anyway? Some more esteemed Skaven may have pocket type contraptions especially Seers, Engineers, Master Moulders, Assassins or Priests I guess though PC searching Skaven well enough to find out should be testing for all kinds of disease and in many cases corruption as well. Of those Skaven likely to have pocket type stashes the contents would be determined as much by there's clan as anything else so perhaps a clan based random table would be more in order. Important parts to remember I guess would be that Skaven have there own written language so any plans, notes, diaries, ritual scrolls, prayer books, and tomes of magic would be written in Skaven and thus be utterly unreadable by any human within the Empire that I know of. Any written words of importance will be written in Warpstone Ink, while I imagine notes and diary entries would be written in Charcoal. Skaven currency is Warptokens of course but any notable Skaven is going to have a safe location for those, with the key hidden on its person somewhere, though the lock is more for show because if the Skaven is truly notable no Skaven would dare attempt to steal from it.


Amusing and boring ideas for additional pocket content:

Gnawed upon animal parts

Gnawed upon humanoid parts

Sketch of its favoured brood mother

List of most hated Skaven, with many alterations made

various herbs, seeds and animal droppings


vials of murky liquids

Wraps of fine greenish glowing powder

A small metal tube - with a manufacturers mark.

A bit of broken mirror

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Cheese :D


What pockets? skaven have no pockets! Only Grey Seers are alowed to have pockets! :)



Okay okay here's the real stuff:


  • 1D6 Stones (amunition for slings)
  • 1D3 Warpstone tokens
  • 1D12 human/rat teeth (don't ask why)
  • 1 trophy: goblin ear or dwarf scalp
  • braid of dwarven hair (beard)
  • bone knife
  • rusty fork
  • scraps of mouldy food
  • 1D6 throwing stars (Clan Eshin)
  • mutated rat-spider pet (Clan Moulder)
  • glass bauble filled with green gas (Clan Skryre/Pestilence)
  • Bottle of diseased slime (Clan Pestilence)
  • unknown mechanical parts (Clan Skyre)
  • Mordheim street map
  • amulet/charm/Lucky rat-rabbit foot.
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Great additions!


I might have added that these things could also come in a Skaven pouch (they all have them, it's like the pockets of Old World). Also this table is to be used by players that roll for their starting trappings (as per the excellent Expanded Character Module by Dave Graffam/DagobahDave). If a GM wants to use it as a random treasure table it could also double as one. Though I cannot guarantee the safety of any PC that goes around picking Skaven "pockets".



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