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John Tenzer

Admiral John Tenzers Ship's Log

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recently I had the chance to test run this list:


Colonel Vessery (35)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Engine Upgrade (4)

Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16)
Homing Missiles (5)
Ion Pulse Missiles (3)
Proximity Mines (3)

Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16)
Flechette Torpedoes (2)
Homing Missiles (5)
Proximity Mines (3)

Total: 100

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It went three times against the same list of Commandeur Roon:


Colonel Jendon (26)
Fire-Control System (2)
Ion Cannon (3)
Engine Upgrade (4)
ST-321 (3)

Soontir Fel (27)
Push the Limit (3)
Autothrusters (2)

Turr Phennir (25)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Autothrusters (2)

Total: 98

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This battle report describes the events of the second match.


Also, my Micro-Art-Studios-Starmat had its debut. We used (3) asteroids and (3) Debris-token as obstacles. Time-limit was set to 65 minutes.

I placed my bombers relatively into the middle of the board while my Defender started a little bit apart from them.

Commandeur Roons flight took the opposite corner of the mat.




My bombers chose the direct approach with Vessery bumping into them. Commandeur Roons flight turned into the direction of mine with the Shuttle acting as spear-head.




My flight headed towards the middle. Yet it was unable to place Target Locks onto the enemy flight. Thus focus was applied. There happened a short exchange of fire with some shields of the shuttle and hull points on bomber "1" lost.




Bomber "1" turned towards "north" and released (a little bit too early) a Proximity Mine. Commandeur Roon had learned from his first encounter with this list and let the shuttle perform a "0" (break) maneuver.


In the meantime both bomber "2" and Vessery raced towards Soontir Fel, with the bomber marking the baron. The Shuttle fired a well placed shot out of its Ion Cannon and hit bomber "1".




Turr Phennir executed a K-Turn and brought himself into a position to shoot at the stunned bomber "1". Vessers and his wingman turned around the near debris field towards north. The Lambda squeezed itself between the Proximity mine and the debris field. 


And after having flown across the field Soontir Fel turned back towards the battle.


Turr Phennirs attack hit like a sack filled with bricks against a box of eggs. 2 hits and a crit* with Minor Hull breach went through - followed by another hit due to the MHB. 4 hullpoints gone in one attack resulted in an exploding eggbox bomber - WOOOMMM! And Turr rolled away.




Vessery turned onto Soontir. The remaining bomber went after Turr. The shuttle tried to escape with a "hard 2".

The shootout went into the barons favour, as he was able to do rid the defender of 2 shields without getting hurt himself.




Vessery followed the shuttle which performed a "bank (1)", bringing it close to the combat zones edge.


Bomber "2" tried to keep up with Turr Phennir but was only able to place a Target Lock on Soontir Fel. Fel himself put himself in the back of the bomber and drove a crit into its targeting system - the primary weapons value was reduced by one.


Turr wiggled himself niftily out of the sights of the bomber. And Vessery struck the shuttle pretty hard with his Laser Cannon (3 Hull).




Here the camera went off and we lost a brilliant moment of the game:


Knowing Soontir Fel was on his tails the bomber performed a "bank (1)" to the right and send off his Proximity Mine which landed flat on the barons wind shield with a Hit-Hit-Crit. Soontir Fels up to now untouched Interceptor exploded into tiny bits.


The shuttle thwarted Vessery out performing its Stop-Maneuver (0), with Vessery bumping into it.

Turr went further around "His" debris field.


In the following round Commandeur Roon realized that any maneuver of his shuttle would end its movement partially outside the combat zone. And there it went off...

..giving Vessery the chance to move up unhindered and bring Turr Phennir into his sights. A well placed shot of his HLC resulted in a "console fire"-crit.


Turr Phennir used his further movement to sneak up behind the bomber and eliminate the fire with Vessery closing in cautiously.





There is not much to say anymore of the last picture:


Phennir is now in the sights of two enemy fighters, both having 4 dice attacks available with rerolls. With Phennirs last attack not doing much damage at all, the return fire of the defender blew him into bits even before the bomber could send off his homing missile.


Result: 100:27




Conclusion :mellow:


In the first battle we had Commandeur Roons flight annihilated within 30 minutes without my flight receiving any significant damage at all.

Here the dice were on my side as bad placement of the defender brought it into the sights of Roons force a couple of times, yet it could make it through unscathed.

In that game the Proximity Mines had their debut as they finished the shuttle with a triple-hit-combo. They made a lasting impression, I'd daresay.


In the third game the mines were more restrained. There also was more maneuvering, but again my fighters withered through mostly untouched, but wasted my opponents flight entirely.




While I wouldn't say the games were representative, the games themselves helped me to develop a "feel" on how to play it.


Proximity mines are best played when they are carried by low PS-Pilots. They have a high potential deterrence effect.

Timing is essential to use them, as you have to be sure that you hit the opponent. I find them a waste to just make them block lines rather than planting them onto a fighter or definite flight path.

Also, if you are not entirely sure if the bomb will hit, keep it for another time. With luck the opponent will forget about it and expose his/her ship to a good sucker punch / horse kick.




The Defender has to be played as second line sniper:


It's important for it to survive the first joust to then perform its sniping actions against the juicy targets. It only starts to work after the first run is over.

The combination of its huge range and the Engine Upgrade helped in all three games significantly - yet I still find it 5 points too expensive.


I wasn't very convinced with the Ion-pulse-missile, as it seemed to be only good against low-agility-targets rather than the nimble ones. I wonder if that's really the 3 points worth. Probably I am gonna replace it with another Flechette-torpedo and a Munitions Failsafe.




The list itself isn't very flashy (which list with bombers is?) and quite prone to the loss of a fighter. I wouldn't consider it a "competiton-crackteam", but it does what it is supposed to.


The bombers help Vessery by marking up to 2 different opponents at the same time (giving him targets to choose) and due to their heavy and versatile load-outs they produce themselves as valuable targets for the enemy he may not leave unnoticed without risking a high amount of pain delivered to him.

In my opinion they work better as a support than a Jendon-shuttle would.


One just has to watch out that its parts don't get isolated from each other as they will be torn apart quite easily when they are fighting alone.


It's a fun list all right - and I am pretty sure I'll take it to a competition now and then.- especially once the "Extra munition"-card will be out...

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Nice report, thanks for sharing.  I like to see the Tie Bombers getting some table time.  I've not considered running them with a defender...I may give that a go in the future.

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