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X-Wing ABC's

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S is for Sullustian

Some people said that the fleet massing in Sullust was dumb.
But they forgot about their top gun pilot Nein Numb.
He cruises the game board eliminating Imperials and Scum,
then stands and screams "Thuk gidurg thorn gidum"

Translation: "Hey there chucklehead .. Come get some!"

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U is for Uncle

Uncle Owen Aunt Beru

They raised Luke as their own

From before he turned two.

Thought sand was hot

But blasters proved hotter

No extra season

Now no one's a farmer.

(I know the rhyme is a bit tortured.)

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M is for Medic

They will give you a hand

but watch out if pregnant

they save only the kids

talk about nonsesnce

when does a machine know "will to live"

If I had one I'd remove that feature

and replace with a


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