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Unlabeled Koronus Map

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In another thread an unlabeled map of the Koronus Expanse was asked for; luckily I had been working on one at the time and posted the WIP version. . .


I'm calling it done, for those interested: http://halffast.dscloud.mobi:5000/fbsharing/e8dBnHWs


Variations, Hex Grided and labeled.



More printer friendly versions:




To create these I pulled from all the maps I could find, including SketchesOfPayne's version.  The Battlefield was moved to the center of The Maw as described in the adventure "Into The Maw".  The other Stations of Passage got a bit scrambled as a result, but seem by-and-large to have an acceptable location.  Strictly speaking the Witch-Cursed World doesn't have a star, but I put one there anyway more as a Game Design thing to point players to be able to find it. . . That Black Hole in the Accursed Demesne is pure whim on my part.  While digging for descriptions, someone described Kain's Abyss as a stellar nursery. . . didn't make much sense but what the hell.  Another description made it out to be some sort of dark rift, so I wound up adding that too. . . figure the Rift made more sense. . .


To quantify the distances more clearly in both my mind and the player, I'm working through some home brew rules for Warp Navigation (likely based heavily on Errant Knight's).  This is why those Hex grids have been implemented in the variations


Most of these systems I had no idea what they were, let alone what color star they should be, so the star colors are mostly random.  I'm certainly open to tweaking those, so any colors that should be changed to better represent the Expanse feel free to chime in.


Detail wise I think everything significant is in place, but if I missed/misspelled anything I'd love to hear about it.


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