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My Droid Pc DC-3PO "Cypher" (for when I'm not GMing) is a Tech Slicer, Cypher was getting more personable and charming as the campaign moved along, ultimately i would like it to become an info-chant of sorts, with a high charm/negotiation to go with the already high computers. I was originally planing on going with the Trader spec as the second spec, but since Charmer arrived on the scene i have changed my mind as it fits my concept of a combined C-3PO/R2-D2 droid who gets sick of being used by everyone. Willpower is his big weakness, something i feel fits the character. i plan on buying up Discipline (career skill) and Vigilance (non-career) to represent Cyphers brain getting more independent.


Stats are:

Br 1, Ag 2, Int 3, Cun 3, Wp 1, Pres 3.


Currently there are no cybernetics installed and no dedication, but the intention is for this to change significantly, ultimately with +1 Br legs, +1 Ag arms, +1 Int Cyber brain and sinking the first dedication into presence resulting in:

Br 2, Ag 3, Int 4, Cun 3, Wp 1, Pres 4.


the backstory for those interested:


Cypher, or more formally DC-3PO, began life on the planet Phurg. Within part of the corporate sector, at one of the many the colossal droid factory's of the mega corporation Cybot Galactica.

Before a single part was formed he was destined to serve the Empire. Initially this was as a communications and translation assistant in a Moffs office, being pushed between various assignments, always somehow managing to avoid memory wipes along the way. At some point an acquisitions officer of the Imperial Intelligence decided cypher would be of more use under his command, and so his new life began.
Immediately Cypher was assigned to an Idaa by the name of Jado Taraay, who promptly performed an major overhaul with significant system modifications and upgrades. This involved removing a large portion of redundant systems and installing complex and highly restricted espionage slicing gear, only available to the most favoured of I.I.'s operatives.
With his newly acquired modifications Cypher was set to work. This most often involved covertly entering corporate, political and criminal facilities where he would acquire valuable and sensitive data. The majority of these targets where believed to be supporters of the Rebel threat. This information was then all passed on to Jado to be used in his investigations. The efforts of Cypher led to many bounties being issued, much political manipulation and the crumbling of some not so insignificant corporations.
It was during his seventh year of espionage that things began to go wrong for Cypher. First off he was powered down for over two months, then "accidentally" left on an abandoned space station for a further three months. Jado stopped any maintenance, or even interaction with Cypher. The missions also began to change, getting more and more risky.
Finally the day came that completely changed Cyphers fortunes and his life. The mission had been to acquire some smuggling data from a Black Suns HQ on the moon Nar Shddaa. Files in hand, Cypher was making good his escape when the Suns caught him. Outraged, the Suns began breaking Cypher, trying to find out who had sent the droid spy. Initially Cypher resisted the slicing attacks on his memory, but without any recent maintenance his cache had too much sensitive data, which ultimately gave the game away.
Unfortunately for Cypher I.I. claimed that Cypher had gone rogue and was not under there command any more. Needless to say the Black Suns liked this even less. They did not believe the claim, but without any proof, and facing the might of I.I. they simply decided to take Cypher as payment for the insult.
Rather than a mem-wipe, the Suns decided to utilise Cyphers advanced and unique programming. They had a Gadgeteer install a restraining bolt, then assigned him to Drax for use. 
Cypher now finds himself with a burn notice on his head from Imperial Intelligence and an unwanted obligation to the crime syndicate The Black Suns. With no option but to work it off he commits himself to the task. Who knows, he may one day find a way to be his own master, able to use his unique abilities for his own personal gain rather than someone else's

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