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Slightly off topic, need to buy a 'gaming' table

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HA! An opportunity to show off my diy table :). Top board size is 6'1"x4'1" (1" boarder around a 6x4 playmat):




As my previous model (7'x5' on 4 legs) had some dissadvanteages here are some considerations that led to the new table shown above.

- the table should fit 6x4 wargames as well as 6x3 armada.

- If you sit on opposing edges on the long sides its hard to reach over a 4' or even 5' wide table to move your models. therefor this dimension should be as small as possible.

- if you sit on the long sides you need space to place rulebooks and cards off the play area which conflicts with the above -> keyboard style drawers shortly under the table.

the drawers should remain stable so that they dont accidentaly close when you i.e. have models on them

- rails which snap in the fully in and fully out positions.

- my friends tend to spill red wine over all tokens and cards -> sleeves for cards and steel cup holder in the drawers (the holes in the drawers are used for that)

- the table should be dining table height for comfortable office chairs

- to fit couches to the table these are a cheap and sturdy option which can be "adjusted" by a buzz saw (loads of fun! dont kill yourself by breaking the blade by tilting/twisting the rotating blade against the wood while you cut) to raise the couches.:


- the legs should be removeable for easier storage (on side against wall). i used theese things (green in the picture above).:



I then stapled one side of velcro fastener once around the table on the side 90° to the top in order to hold a black sheet of suede as tea-cloth on the table. its easier to pick up cards if you use such a sheet and dice dont bounce that loud and wildly. it should not hang over to much due to the drawers but it should also be replaceable/washable due to the friends with wine...

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If you have more money than sense you should check out geekchichq.com

Some **** fine gaming tables, if I ever win lotto....


Yea one of those was my first inspiration for this earlier design.:



until i realized that those corners/outline foldable tablet thingies around the play surface are not all that usefull. you only save 50% of the extra area needed to place your rulebook and stuff. and exactly this dimension i wanted to keep minimal due to experiences with the old table.


one might say that the geekchic table has the added benefit of just beeing extremly geek and moreso chic (mostly due to the expansive rain forrest woods  ;)  used instead of MDF) but i guess im just not that chic kind of guy but rather prefer usefull things. The geekchic table would also not fit to my europalletes under the couches plus the ... yea 20k bucks or whatever they charge.

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(mostly due to the expansive rain forrest woods  ;)  used instead of MDF)



Geekchiq tables are made of either Cherry, Maple, Oak, or Walnut, which are all US grown sustainable hardwoods.

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Sorry to come back to this, but I actually managed to track down a folding table that's 6x3! I wondered if you guys had any opinion on it.


Doesn't seem too bad, maybe a little cheap but it would allow me and my friend to play 300 point games at least, unless you have had some bad experiences with something like it?




Many thanks!

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