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Mono Jedi Deck

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I had some good success with this over the weekend:


Jedi Affiliation


The Masters Domain x2

May the Force Be With You x2

The Survivors x2

Following Fate x2

The Secret of Yavin 4

Heroes and Legends


I played against an agro Navy deck and did well.


Got Yoda, You Seek Yoda and Yoda's Hut in my opening hand.


Early on I had Yoda (128) enhanced with Shien Training and Obi-Wan's Lightsaber.

By mid-game he was joined by Qu Rahn, and together they were handling everything.


I replaced A Hero's Resolve with The Survivors and I did not miss either the new Luke or the Speeder Bikes.


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Nice. I have used this with some success



Jedi Luke x2

Jedi Leia x2

Spider x2

Kyle x2

Wolfman Obi



I have changed the Leia pod with the Survivor pod and it did just as well. 

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I finished 3rd in an (admittedly small) Regionals yesterday with this deck:




At one point I had a juiced up Yoda with 2 x Ben's Spirit, 2 x Jedi Lightsaber, a Shii-Cho Training, a Trust Your Feelings and a Shien Training.


Ohh and Qu Rahn and "The Survivors" Objective was also present for that extra viability/survivability for poor Yoda  :)

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