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Critical Damage and Hardy/Autosanguine

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Does critical damage still get treated normally, if a character has the Hardy or Autosanguine talent? Following the interesting part of the talent description:


"When undergoing medical treatment or healing from injures, the character recovers Damage as if Lightly Damaged." / "When applying healing, the character is always considered Lightly Damaged"


Critical damage is not specifically mentioned in both, and I couldn't find anything in the errata. I see the following possibilitys:


- Doesn't apply for critical damage

- Applies for critical damage, but won't affect critical damage effects

- Fully applies for critical damage


I guess the last one doesn't make much sense, as it would include limp recovery etc. Right now I prefer the second option, where I would still keep track of the critical damage on a side note to let the effects from critical damage heal as usual. How would you handle this?


Edit: On second try I was able to use the search engine and found what I was looking for. Anyone also interested might have a look here.

Seems like it's a broad discussion(because it affects balancing, moving from healing to fate, etc.) without clear consent, so I guess best way is to look at how deadly your games are and adjust to that, or just try and error.

Besides, Autosanguine seems to refer to (natural)healing, and Hardy seems to refer to medical treatment AND healing.

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Sorry for necromancing the thread, but recently I had to delve deep into the topic of healing, and I see occasional references of people planning to ask FFG for clarifications on the healing rules. This place seems to be as fitting as any to ask: did anyone at any point get a definitive answer from some kind of an authority?


Also, for the sake of having the collective wisdom in one place, in addition to the thread Avdnm linked up there:

Pain suppressor and critical damage

Healing questions

Fate Points and Death!

Question about Criticals

Healing critical injuries

Medicine Skill


The main bone of contention seems to be the handling of Critical Damage, particularly in the case where some effect, be it Talent or Wargear, raises the threshold of Lightly Wounded over the number of wounds the character possesses, and to a lesser extent the mechanics of Fate Point healing. The first issue is up to interpretation (both trains of thought have some merit), but even after reading through all of this, I still have no idea how fate healing is supposed to work if the character's in Critical territory.

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