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Storm Assasin

Custom Character Sheet(s)

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Wow... I think it is cool indeed !!!


Maybe I will try that to beat the Dark Crusade scenario sheet...

It is months I bought the last expansion but that scenario seems unbeatable !!!

I try and tried every kind of strategy and House rules too but nothing: that scenario sheet always turned out to be the winner (after an average time of play of 2,5 or 3 hours each - less time with 4 characters and BAAAD DRAWS too !!!)



Maybe you solved it ?!? If it is so may you tell me the way you beated that scenario ?

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This looks like a really cool character - great idea here!

I would wish for that one to be in the next expansion!


Black Crusade is a very hard scenario!

I just checked my playings on the Geek - we played that one two times (first one 4 player and the second one 2 player) and won both times. Can't remember any details, but what I recall is that both games were extremely close and tense.

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