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[Needed] Fields of Business of the Coblast Assay

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Greetings, brethern,

one of my players groups is actually running through my version of Gateway 17 (an adventureI found on the DarkReign website). They are still using the "Agents of the Coblast Assay" as cover... but have a hard time to come up with a "cover mission" they are on. Especially since Ivan Zeitop (NSC in Gateway17; Member of Coblast himself) got a little curious about what actually needs "two roughshots and a sanctionite".

Right at the moment, they claim that a lot of indentured labour whoms contract was taken over by Coblast is missing and some clues lead into investigations in this section (the same story they used in Coscarla during "Edge of Darkness").

My question: have you ever thought about what Coblast is doing in general? The text in "Edge" says:

Mercantile Operation
Local Sibillian (not interstellar or even inte-hive)
Dubiouse repute
"Man power services" (special ops)
Tech Salvage

I added "Labour Services" (indentured labour contracts)

If you have worked out other ideas, please lead me know.  The next (self written) adventue will lead them out of Sibillus into a mercenary settlement which is a regular stop for many makrohaulers. Perhaps they are going to use a new cover, perhaps they want to stick to the "tried and true"

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