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This does not relate to Kingdom Hearts but I am trying to spread the word.
First let me start by saying thank you for welcoming me into the KH TCG Community and I can't wait to play some of you.

My wife and I just bought our first house and we starting doing a Video diary of our 1st year in the new house.
We put the videos up on YouTube and we have about 100+ people that watch us daily.
Last month we saw a contest on YouTube through HP, the computer company, for a Grand Prize of $40,000!
So we decided to enter. After 5 weeks of voting and thousands of entries from all over we made it to the FINAL round.

This is the final week for voting and we need votes to help us win!
We are up agains 23 other Finalist. I don't want to come off as spamming, that is why I posted here in Odds & Ends, but if anyone feels so moved we could use your votes. To help us out go to http://www.youtube.com/DailyEppersodes and click the video on the homepage. It's the one with the girl, my wife, in a blue shirt and you can't see her face, it's a rule of the contest. While playing it will ask you to give it a thumbs up! 

We need all the votes we can get and you can vote everyday!


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WayToTheDawn said:

Trothael said:


A chance to help out a fellow forum member? Sure, might as well.

*Dons cape*

Internet-man, away!

*Flys away*



Can I be your trusty sidekick?

Lulz Boy? ^_^


Voted for you guys btw...good luck!


Come Lulz Boy, we've got /b/tards to kill.

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comdieguy said:

ill vote for you. throthael do you have an archnemesis called the modurater

Nah, considering I'm a mod on most forums I'm active on. They make me stop trolling to 'set a good example' or something ¬_¬

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