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Heroic Valor

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I came up with this deck when I was having trouble with building a Roxas deck.  Please note that I am working under the official FFG ruling about Pegasus and not the one we have here on the forums.  I want it to remain functional under that ruling.  It's meant to be a JoaT deck.


Sora Lvl 1


Valor x 2


Lvl 0 -

Owl x 2



The King

Lvl 1 -

Phil x 2


Elizabeth Swan

Sally (BoD)

Lvl 2 -


Jack Skellington

Will Turner


Lvl 3 -

Goffy x 2 (BoD)

Jack Sparrow

Herc (BoD)

Beast (LaD)

Lvl 4 -



Olympia x 2


Ultima Weapon


Fairy Harp


Barrel Spider x 2

Parasite Cage




Olympus Coliseum lvl1 x 3

Olympus Coliseum lvl2

Olympus Coliseum lvl3 x3

Destiney Islands

Total: 41

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm not hugely experienced with this game.  I would like to keep it at or around 41 cards so if you have something to add, please also try to think of something to pull out.  Thanks.

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 Well, my gut reaction would be "not enough dark cards" this seems like it would get rolled by any world racer.  When you say official FFG ruling on Pegasus, what do you mean?  That you would draw for any card with an olympus symbol?  Cause that's the only ruling I know of and the rulings made by the mods in the forum are official FFG rulings.

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Yes, feel free to check the Errata thread under the Rules Discussion Section for proof that Rulings made by Trothael, Me, and Sora_Yagami are indeed official FFG rulings.  They aren't rulings that we just made up cause we didn't like the original either...

As for the deck, you need more Dark as HighJack said and more worlds, if you have to escape or ditch a world from your hand, you'll be waiting on the reshuffle and in that case, your screwed.

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