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Probably commonsense but....

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I got my wife to play with me tonight! YATA!!!

She was playing the BoD Wisdom Form Starter deck and I was playing a custom Roxas deck.
On my first hand I drew Olette and Oblivion. So obviously I played her and equiped it. 
My Roxas is now a 15/1. Now I wanted her to continue playing and learning the game so I did 
not challange her for many turns. Then she drops Wisdom Form and a couple of turns later
She trys to play 3 equipment on WF Sora. I told her it's not possible and when she wouldn't
listen because Roxas was a powerhouse I tried to tell her Sora only has 2 hands so I would
only allow her to play 2, and even then I couldn't see how, without the text on the card stating 
otherwise, it could be equiped as a second Keyblade. 

I want to make sure of this rule so neither of us learn the wrong way.
Can a character equip 2 equipment cards of different names? EX: Sora with Kingdom Key and Olympia...

Last two questions I promise...

My wife wouldn't play her world cards because she had 2 Olympus Coliseum's and said that
it didn't count to play the 2nd 1 on her next turn because she wasn't really changing worlds.
Is that right? Can you play the same world on top of the same world?

Last one... Do you have to meet any specific conditions for playing Dark/Villian cards on a world
or do you treat them like Dark/Heartless where as long as they meet the total world levels add up
you can play them? And does the Dark levels add up as well? Like Olympus coliseum Level 1 
played twice would have a total level of 2 but would I be able to play two heartless on it?


Thanks for the clearification,

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1 it depends on the character sora and sora wf can only equip 1 keyblade at a time roxas and sora VF arre the only 2 that can equip 2 keyblades. yes you can play 2 kyblades of the same name or different names whatever you want.

2.yes you can play identical worlds on top of each other to move ahead in the world count. ex i play 3 destiny islands lvl 1- my world count is 3 and the dark limit is one.  the number in the corner of the card is how many dark/nobody cards cann be played on it

3. villians havee all the same rules as dark hearltess cards they are just considered villians for certain criteria.-i.e. search ghost searches a villian aqua tank searches heartless

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Well to add to the first one you can not play Equipment cards of the same name on a character. So you would not be able to equip like two oathkeepers since the equipment cards have a uniqueness rule to it when equipping to a characeter.

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okay i see what u mean no kiros right. you can only have 1 olympia 1 oathkepper etc but you can play oblivion att cards if you have oblivion equiped to you.  you can play olympia att cards if you have the equipment one equiped. im pretty sure this is what you mean. if roxas has 2 equipment cards on him they will be oblivion and oathkepper. only does that make sense. not 2 oathkeppers nor 2 oblivions

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