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Umm... Sora Worlds need advice

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Flag Sora or

Sora lv 1 or Promo lv  1

Level 0

2x Jasmine

1x Moogle

1x The King

Level 1

2x Donald Duck

2x Minnie Mouse

1x Selphie

1x Tigger

1x Cid

Level 2

3x Will Turner

2x Aladdin

2x Kaira

Level 4

1x Sephiroth

1x Cloud

M/ Friend

2x Genie


2x Wishing Lamp

2x Oath Keeper


3x End of the World lv 3

3x Halloween Town lv 1

3x Disny Castle lv 1

2x Destiy Islandlv 1


3x Cave of Wonders Guardian

2x Captin Hook


2x Comet


total 44

-1x moogle

-1x cloud



Well im not to sure if this will work i plan on buying these cards so wat do you thing for a worlds deck with little agression o and i need a well stocked site to buy singles from i good with 44 because it draws alot but i wnt room for chip anmd dale and 3 dragon maleficents see any room

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well ill be honest with you all decks are currently theratiacl im buy two or three of my favs and getting back into tournements back at card castle so yea but ive edited it so look now and i thought that cloud went in wr but now tell me wat to replace plse

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