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UnReleased Promos and UK Nationals

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 I don't want to appear like some evil dude here, but if a promo has not been released in the UK yet IT IS NOT LEGAL for UK Nationals.

 This includes, but is not restricted to:

 The Peaceful Way

  Heir to the Storm

  The Devil Within

  White Crawl

  Ancient Burial Site

  Faithful Bodyguard

  Perfect Memory

 I know that certain members of our little community have cards that won in America and I am really sorry guys, but I can't let the promos run. This also applies to anybody who has aquired any of these promo cards from Ebay or other online singles sites.


 Spoiler of fun.

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ChaosChild said:

Given the issues being reported with mispacks in Tekken 6, what happens if we pull unreleased stuff out of packs of Tekken? Is it still unusable?

 No, none of the promos are usable until they are officially released. Props to anyone who pulls one in a booster though.................happy.gif

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