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Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!

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This descent2e looks like a fantastic game tracker.   I will use it for my next normal campaign. 

I am also looking for a game tracker that works with the Road to Legend campaigns. I would use it as a way to share game state with the other players in between missions. The info stored would include Gold available, items at the shop, items owned, current xp per player, current class cards selected, and so on. This way all decisions non-mission decisions could be made before we ever meet together. Has anyone seen a tracker like this? Is there a way to do this in descent2e that I am unaware of?




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After a long period of inactivity, I'm sort of working on the tracker again. I'm aiming for a pretty significant overhaul/redesign, so if you have any feedback, feel free to leave it here.

I've also noticed that a lot of pages (including the homepage) seem slow as ****, so I'll need to do something about that anyway.

Can't promise anything though!

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Atom, noticed yesterday while I was saving a travel step that the "lost messenger" travel event did not discount the 25 gold from the party. No need to worry about it, I'll just not count a 25 gold card on next quest. Just a heads up for you for future fixes.

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This is shown if you are not using https.
Not really a problem.

The "real" problem is, that if you try to use https, the alternate names for the certificate don't match the URL.
In the "Certificate Subject Alt Name" there are currently these names:
DNS Name: ftp.web0092.zxcs.be
DNS Name: mail.web0092.zxcs.be
DNS Name: pop.web0092.zxcs.be
DNS Name: smtp.web0092.zxcs.be
DNS Name: web0092.zxcs.be
DNS Name: www.web0092.zxcs.be

This list should also contain "DNS Name: d2etracker.com"

@Atom4geVampire: is that a shared virtual server, or something you control directly? Do you have the ability to upload your own certificates?

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