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Wow It Valor form for free soul eaters

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Sora lv 2 hp 6 atk 5 mp 1


or Flag

Valor Form x 2

Friends by Level

0 Kairi x2

1 Ariel bod x2

1 Elizabeth Swan x2

1 Mickey Mouse

2 Dr. Finkelstin x2

2 Will Turner x2

2 Aerith

3 Donald Duck x2

3x Beast

4 Goofy x2 Bod

4 Auron x2

4 Sepiroth


2x Tinker Bell lv 2


3x Stopra lv 5


2x Lord of Fourtne

2x Oathkeeper E

2x Oblivion E

1x Oblivion

1x Ultima Weapon


2x Cerberos

2x Lock

1x Oogie Boogie


3x Halloween Town lv 1


Event 1

 total 45

so it stop triton gets great life with port royalers my equipments last stopra keeps world lv to 2 oogie gets rid of jack cerberos kill cloud umm,, wat do you think  and i need a site to look at all releced cards ooo and i need a list of all promos plse

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B1ack said:

ummm. okay what are you talking about its called grammer errors and this is about the deck not my language

I don't believe any ill intent was meant.  All the grammar errors are making it hard for us to figure out what your deck does exactly and what your asking/talking about. 

So don't take it the wrong way, we want to help and give advice, we just need to be able to understand you first is all.

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