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I over the years have played so many different games that my mind is at bursting point with rules, settings and great memories but out of them all ......

I LOVE THE WARHAMMER SETTING ( and the WH40K Setting - but that is for a different forum on a different day !!!). My love of it starts eighteen years ago when I first started table top and roleplaying and it continues to this day.

I have the original Games Workshop Edition (and all its supplements), the Hogshead Reprint and all the books relating to the Black Industries Edition. I have also played the card games, computer games, tabletop games BLAH BLAH BLAH !!!! So I suppose what I am saying is that I know a little about it all.

The setting is an intelligent and engrossing work of developing non-fiction which has something for everyone and is something that everyone can contribute to and take part in by way of one format or another. It is an accessable setting .... and that is what I thing FFG are trying to do with this new edition.

Games Workshop sells models to gamers like crack to an addict !!!! and if they can pull more people into that market then all the better for them ... and one way to do it is through the RPG back door. If they can pull gamers into there business by doing it through WFRP then they will.

The new edition looks shiney, clean and well presented. It appears adorned with new art, glossey cards and custom dice - It screams out amongst the other products on the shelfs LOOK AT ME !!!! and NO I AM NOT DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS !!!

I am all for pulling more people into gaming ( and diverting them for D&D) but I fear that my favourite RPG is going to suffer at the hands of FFG in the name of doing so.

I have images of a dumbed down setting ( far from grim and perilous but bright and heroic) , a product line which requires purchase after purchase to keep up with (Box after Box of shiney cards and dice) a rules system which takes away all the stuff we love -  No more percentage rolls, No more Critical Hits and finally a system which reduces the openness of the setting - Sorry you cannot be a Halfing Bounty Hounter I have not got the required cards and dice -

I of course will buy the new edition and hope to be proved wrong but I have a feeling I wont be. 

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