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Measure of balance in Normandy scenarios...

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Recently I finished 6 scenarios from Normandy expansion and would like to compare my impressions with yours.


a) scenarios from a campaign of the 29th:

They seemed to me designed rather in Americans favor - i.e. the Americans had always great(er) chance to win. 

In my case Americans won with cca 11 or 13 CPs. Germans scored 0 CPs :-(

I would also reduce number of used American tanks (to a half) - mainly in scenarios St Lo and Siegfried Line.


i) Omaha scenario. This one I liked the most. I really felt like I was there.

What I did not understand was a minefield placed in one hex (level 2), which prevented moving German troops from the right part of cliffs to the centre part.

I would expect that German froces from all 3 parts of cliffs should be able to move to any other part in case of crisis. I think that one level 1 hex  (with 2 TTs in front of it) in the middle of coast 2 level hill hexes was not a mistake of an author but a key place to penetrate enemy lines :-)

iv) Siegrfried line scenario

This line seemed to me relatively "weak" - only 3 pillboxes, several trenches and a stretch of barbed wire. This should stop 8 tanks? Instead of Artillery deck for Germans I would appreciate several ATs (probably some weaker variant of 88mm).

However combination of Barracks and Ammo depot operational cards was able to cause "tough moments" for squads of 29th. By the way  where should be placed this ammo depot? It was not mentioned anywhere. I placed him in one building with a German command objective marker.


b) normal scenarios:

i) Picking up pieces scenario

I guess that German should not have problems with stoping or eliminating British soldiers on beaches, but I think that they very hardly manage to eliminate 2 from 3 British elite soldier squads (if they keep in cover). In my case, all british soldiers on beaches or cliffs died while the rest of Germans died trying to kill second british elite squad (both full British elite squads survived the battle without a scratch :-))

ii) Hide and seek scenario

I did not understand for what purpose had Germans thermite charges, they did not need them to destroy sought guns before Americans. Moreover that operational card that allows Germans to switch position of hidden guns. I think that Americans do not have problem of getting in time of out beach, but I think that they can not reach the switched (changed) position of guns in the second end of map, lay the charge and detonate it during 8 turns.

Or, Germans may try to concentrate only on elimination of American demolitions squads and if they succeed, they win relatively easily.


The remaining  2 scenarios I have not yet played, so I can not judge. 


It is fact, that I played those scenarios only once, so maybe I overlooked some aspects or made some tactical "mistake" :-)

What was your experience?



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I just started the campaign and was very dissapointed. I did play Germans in the Omaha scenario. My Mate finished me off in about 4 rounds. By the beginnig of round 3 i had only 4 sqads left that could do some actions. the others were disrupte/pinned/destroyed. I would not complain if i did some severe mistakes, but the frustrating things in my eyes are:

- i had not many choices in how to place my units at the start. its more or less given by the scenario.

- the american player has the initiative (and keeps it due to the advantage of command points.) so i can only watch while my key positions are whiped out.

- this is so easy because the american player has so many opportunitis:

        - naval bombardment: each turn. its devastating, even though it has establish contact 6.

        - tanks: if i place my at units in op-fire they just dont move and take out key positions like mgs easily. even if not placed in op fire my at units are easily pinned  or even destucted by the infantry.

        - there are so many officers and elite infantry in the american setup that suppressive fire is useless.

        - you have to use the stug to capture the command point in round 1, so another at firepower is wasted for the germans. and you need command to get a chance for the artillery support.

       - the minefields prevent me from shifting troops. thats another reason why i could just sit there and watch my troops getting killed.

i got used to imblanced scenarios and still had fun, because even if you loose you still have options to influence the game and celebrate some "little victorys". not in this scenario. i think i don`t continue with the campaign. according to your post its getting worse.


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