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Calling all Arkansas UFS Players! New Weekly Events at CGC!

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Starting in October, Conway Gaming Center will be hosting monthly, month-long events! What do I mean?! Read on...

Beginning October 6 with a Standard Constructed. UFS players at Conway Gaming Center will be able to compete in a series of events that culminate in one large end of the month BRAWL!

We're calling it the monthly BRAWL FOR ALL Tournaments to crown each months King of the Mountain!

Each week we will play a new event which will allow you to qualify for an end of the month BRAWL FOR ALL Free for All Event! This event will crown our King of the Mountain for that month! What does being the King of the Mountain mean?! It means you're the best! It also means you have to defend the crown because in one month, we will crown a new King! But that's not all! Aside from getting your picture plastered all over the wall at CGC, you will receive 15% off all UFS Events, Cards, Packs, and more!!

The following events will allow you to qualify for free entry into the BRAWL FOR ALL Free for All at the end of the month. Each monthly event will begin with the first Tuesday in the month with a Standard Constructed for $5. The next week Tag Teams will form in vicious 2v2 action, again, for $5! After that, players will have to Draft five boosters to be announced the previous week their way to victory for $20! If there's need for it, the 4th week will be players choice of: Sealed ($30), Draft ($20), or Constructed ($5).

The very last week will be a Free for All Multiplayer Match. Didn't qualify? Don't worry, the event will just be $5. The multiplayer match will be fought in a no holds barred (except for banned cards!) battle to see who the last man standing is!

We hope to see you all there October 6th! Don't forget that starting Tuesday, October 8th we'll be beginning the UFS Sealed Leagues! It's a chance to win a full, uncut sheet of FOILS! Direct from the manufacturer!

For more information visit

Call us at 501-513-6936

or stop by:
Conway Gaming Center
604 Chestnut St.
Conway, AR 72032

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