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Obvious deck for Dark Aggro.

Dark Riku LVL3

Friend/Dark Cards:
Shadow LVL1 (BoD) x 10
Black Fungus LVL1 x 3
White Mushroom LVL2 x 3
Bouncywild LVL1 x 3

Air Pirate  LVL2 x 3

Bandit LVL3 x 3

Fat Bandit LVL4 x 3

Cave of Wonders Guardian x 2

Dragon Maleficent LVL9 x 2

Soul Eater x 3
Ultima x1
Oblivion x 1

Wishing Lamp x 3

Thunder x 3

Agrabah LVL2 x 3


Total = 47


Lightning magic for kicks + Wishing Lamp draw engine + Shadow Swarm


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You know, I never thought of the "Infinate Shadows" idea. I like it.

I wanna say, put in some Pot Spider (BoD) to both add some lvl2 Dark Cards and try to capitalize on Wishing Lamp. If I were to do that, I'd just take out a White Mushroom & Air Soldier for em. I'd also advise on an Air Pirate aswell. It'll just help loads when staring at a Valor Sora, as I think this is the biggest threat to this deck (any deck really)

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Heheh.  I've already gave you my two cents on this deck idea, Truffles.  '

I still say it's good, 'n DM's right.  Get as much draw out as you can with the Wishin Lamp. 

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