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What ships do you want to see most for each faction?

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Imperials: Lambda Sentinel with some kind of boarding crew. or The Lancet Aerial Artillery. Most of all, The Gozanti!


Rebels: Some kind of bothan scout vehicle.


Scum: Something well designed from FFG instead of a crummy looking EU ship from an 90ies comic!

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Rebels: Can't think of anything. Maybe the rumored X-Wing fix with some new Rogue and Wraith pilots?

Imperials: Assault Gunboat.

Scum: YT-2000 Otana.


The Assault Gunboat has always been a bit of a  puzzler to me - the model is undeniably meh! and its mini-van looks make about as much sense from a design perspective as modeling a state of the art fighter on a C-190 - i.e none whatsoever.


That said, the E-Wing model is no beauty contest winner either and has its share of silly design ideas (like a gun that stops you from opening the cockpit), so if the gunboat can be made to fill a niche within the Imperial faction, then I'd be all for it - but I just can't see where that niche is.


Want a tough, agile and cheap jouster? get a soon-to-be-fixed TIE advanced,

Want a durable ordnance delivery platform? get a soon-to-have-ordnance-sorted TIE Bomber

Want a heavy hitting advanced space frame that can mount cannons? - get a Defender


If the gunboat is going to be included it needs to bring something that the rest don't

The most common rationale for it's inclusion seems to be : "It was super-super-awesome in X-Wing Alliance (etc)" - and  I just don't find that particularly compelling.

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The Bomber's an ordnance carrier. The Assault Gunboat is more of a heavy fighter, kinda like a B-wing. Its role is much like what FFG's making the x1 into: a long range fighter capable of operating far from home base.

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No it does not cloak it's just got a low radar profile.

Well... a cloak gives you a low radar profile? :P


Cloak makes you invisible either to sensors or in the case of the phantom visual detection aswell, getting an extra agility reflects it's increased difficulty to detect, but they reduced it's firepower and removed a torpedo launcher to do that.



The gun boat would be our Y-wing, loads of hull a few shields and a slow turner.


so basically a Lambda shuttle then ?

and isn't the Bomber the Imperial Y-Wing already?


Not really it lacks alot of the options the y-wing presents such as carrying a cannon and using astromechs, they can both fire torpedoes and bombs but there the similarity ends.

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Assault Gunboat probably could be something between an X-wing and Bwing:


- 3 attack dices

- 2 defense dices

- 3 hull

- 2 or 3 shields shields

- Cannon Slot

- Systems Slot

- Maybe boost action?


Generic PS 2 about 25 points?


What do you think?

It would be two attack it only had two cannons, don't know about the systems slot though.

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