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Command Cards

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Skirmish Guide page 5:

To play the card, he reveals it to his opponent, resolves its ability, and then discards the card.


There are special exceptions via the golden rule (When a card contradicts the rules go with the card.)


For Example: Price on Their Heads says to place the command card on an enemy deployment card.

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Hello to All

Very first post,so apologies' if this has been covered before- 

On pg 6 skirmish rules "duplicate restriction"

No problem with multiple cards in a players deck, but which player has first "dibs" on the juicy cards?


A easy way round this is to slightly alter the set up.

Choose 40 pts deployment cards each

determine initiative

Then player with initiative has fist "dibs" on the command cards

It gives the players an option

Do you have a smaller points force and hope you get initiative and therefore get the pick of the deck

Or except a bigger force with possible weaker command cards


Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the light saber or this has been covered before



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