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Shining Storm Balanced Deck

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Lv 1 Sora







The King Lv0

Goofy Lv1  X3

Peter Pan Lv1  X2

Hercules Lv1

King Triton Lv2

Hercules Lv2

Goofy Lv2  X2

Donald Lv2  X2

Donald Lv3 (LD)  X2

Beast Lv3 (LD)

Jack Skellington Lv3 (DA)

Goofy Lv4 (BD)

Leon Lv4 (DA)



Tinker Bell Lv1



Lord Fortune  X2

Olympia  X2

Kingdom Key



Graviga Lv4

Curaga Lv4

Thundaga Lv4

Blizzaga Lv4  X2

Firaga Lv4  X2



Soldier Lv1 (LD)  X3

Barrel Spider Lv3 (BS)  X3

Large Body Lv3  X2

Angel Star Lv4 (DA)

Angel Star Lv4 (BD)

Invisible Lv5

Aquatank Lv5

Gargoyle Lv6

Dragon Maleficent Lv9



Hundred Acre Wood Lv0

Disney Castle Lv1

Wonderland Lv2  X2

Deep Jungle Lv2  X2

Hollow Bastion Lv3

Halloween Town Lv3

Twilight Town Lv3


60 cards total


Let me know what you think.




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i thin my sora world would out run you and its a safe worlds deck  it draws all the thin wishing lamp style with genie 1 bod kiria and selphie disney castles i love it i thing

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