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Wisdom Draw

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Sora Lv 1 (8HP, 4ATK, 1Mag)

2x Wisdom Form

1x Tidus lv0
3x Donald Lv1 (BOD)
2x Minnie Mouse Lv1
2x Mickey Mouse Lv1
1x Selphie Lv1
1x Aladdin Lv2
1x Fairy Godmother Lv2
1x Kairi Lv2
1x Donald Lv3 (BOD)
1x Donald Lv 3 (LAD)
3x Goofy Lv 3 (LAD)

Magic Friends:
2x Bambi Lv3
1x Dumbo Lv3

2x Blizzara Lv3
1x Cura Lv2

3x Comet

2x Sea Neon
2x Fat Bandit
1x Cerberus
1x Cave of Wonder Gaurdian

2x Hollow Bastion Lv3
1x Traverse Town Lv3
2x Disney Castle Lv1
1x Deep Jungle Lv2

Let me know what you think. I need to work better on the Darks. Basically, the deck spams on drawing and comets. Easy to get the draw going. Phils will barely hurt this deck, and same with owl. They will cause it to be a little slower. Tidus in there to smack Owl so that drawing can continue. Any ideas would be nice.

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 Minnie and Mickey lvl 1 both suck.  Moogle is, arguably, better than Mickey, as it means you can play anyone.  Splash in some Simbas/Gravitys/Alice to take out your moogle, and you're gold.

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Minnie is good if I need to clear a world. Micky is the poor man's version of Moogle. Actually, Mikcey Mouse is pretty good, especially if you don't play many high level characters like this deck does. Only the Goofy and donald are the big friends in this deck. Since that is the case, Mickey just tends to be better. THat and I can throw him into a battle. Alice might not be a bad idea since this deck does get a lot of friends out quickly. What about the darks though? That is my greatest concern with this deck.

Thanks for the advice Fairbanks. If those are to go in, what should come out? Also, no Moogle, as I said, poor man. Never pulled one.

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Zero_Outcome said:

With a wisdom form deck you should take more advantige of the high magic value.

The only problem with taking advantage of the high magic is that a phil will come along and shut it down. This, would end up causing dead draws to occur. The only thing I use the magic for is to take advantage of casting Magic/Friends with my player. Like fairbanks said, Simba would be nice with this deck. Espcially since he can cast simba on his own.

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