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Axel Strikes Back

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So since I am Axel in the Org XIII, I had to make this deck. It spams the text on Chakram that states that "Fire Magic Cards you play deal +4 damage" (or support as the case is since damage is turned to support) and the text on Axel that states " Axel can play all "Fire Effect magic cards reguardless of Magic Value"

Player Card
Axel lvl 2

Magic (9)
3x Fire
3x Fire
3x Firaga

Equipment (4)
4x Chakrams

Friends (20)
15x Dusks
3x Assassin
2x Dragoon

Dark (7)
1x Pete
2x Cerberus
2x Cave of Wonders Guardian
2x Trickmaster

Worlds (5)
3x Monstro lvl 1
2x Timeless River lvl 1

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comdieguy said:

really it just comes down to what the meta is were you play. so i would make those changes if i were to play it.


I see where you're coming from here

Honestly Monstro is there not only for Dark Hate, but it also limits light players to 3 friends and more times than not if I can keep equipment low on my opponent, I have a +25 atk with one fire which is hard to match early game and with only 2 cards in my opponent's arsenal with the ability to counter (aside from Phil, Oblivion and Ultima) he is a clear power house that makes it hard to keep up with for at least 9 plays if not consecutive plays (depending on how fast the deck goes)

Pete is a easy play on any deck including Aggro so it can hinder an opponent from playing anything and leave you in control on Aggro since they probably wont think to knock Pete off until it's too late.

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pete ok in the sense that he is pretty big and a pain to kill but i like a third cave of wonders gaurdian better. but yet again my own personal view. in my testing against the axel and in that matter roxas and valor decks there are some random cards that kill you. namely a surprise fairy harp or even the attack oylmpus which i have a personal love for its a challenge counterspell bye soul eater bye mass magic support bye to anything worth stoping. knocking valor of cause you negated a stop is just funny to me but im rambling now

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