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League 2 - Just for fun

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Hi all.  We played part way through the first league and then got lost in The Abyss.  It was all over by the time found the gate out.  As was league 2.  But it looked like a lot more fun than the 1st one so we're playing through just for fun.  Just finished Chapter 5 (2nd attempt) and wow, we never played such a climactic game! 1 Elder sign came out as starting equipment, and Bob Jenkins used it early on removing a doom token from Ithaqua (we really don't like losing our stuff at the endgame, and we kind of expected to be facing at least 1 AO).  2 turns before the end, Marie Lambeau used her Witch's Blood to take Ithaqua's track down again, leaving 4 on Ithaqua and 5 on Shub.  Bob was browsing the Garage Sale at Uptown Streets, taking damage, looking (unsuccessfully) for a Magical Weapon of some kind, and the Southside Strangler was working his way through the locals unhindered, at least by us!  A gate opened on Independence Square.  With 2 monsters each, both AO's got a Doom token, the monster appearing on the new gate making the monster tally 3 to 2 in Ithaqua's favour.  If a gate opened next turn, as things stood, both would awake and we'd probably be left with a Shotgun and Find Gate between us gui%C3%B1o.gif .  Spotting an opportunity, Marie dashed from Unvisited Isle to attempt to take down the Shoggoth in Rivertown.  And with Wither in one hand, Shrivelling in the other and a Magical Blade in the other, she took it down with 6 successes to spare.  Meanwhile, Bob found a Lamp of Alhazred AND an Enchanted Knife at the Garage Sale.  Next Mythos card, a new gate, Doom token to each AO, Shub awakes solo by one Doom Token.  Marie (Blessed) sent him packing almost single handedly with some of the most bizarrely lucky rolling ever seen in Arkham.  Total score of 19.

Looking at the 2 Investigator scores, we'd be 6th at the moment, but hoping to move up as most of the teams gave out at this point.

Looking forward to Shudde M'ell, Glaaki and Cthulhu.  And League 3, if such a thing ever comes about.

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