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If you would like a video AP to see how it works say Yes!

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The best way I can see they could advertise how the new game works is to have the designers/playtesters do an Actual Play video for us to watch.

The way the game seems to work with visual aids and the special 'descriptive' dice, I can't see a better way, rather than just listening to someone talk in general terms.

D&D 4E had penny arcade - I'm sure Warhammer can do better.

Perhaps the crew could do it?

Anyone else agree?

Then make them.

If they build it I will come.

(Just a thought while I was thinking of 4E. Is it just me or did both Warhammer and D&D have a similar design brief but end up going in completely different directions. Both went the way of making it pretty and play aids, but D&D 4E went total ROLLPLAY and Warhammer 3E went total ROLEPLAY, if you don't count the rolling bit.)

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